Friday, December 19, 2008

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I have decided to use wordpress for awhile so if you will please checkout My Wordpress Blog I thought i would use it to see how i like it
Thursday, December 18, 2008

And The Award Goes To

It feels so Great to finally get Some recognition on my little old blog. I've not been on plan lately and I'm really trying to do better. This cold weather has really gotten me off plan. I was walking everyday and even began running. But with it being cold out The last thing I want is to get sick and even passing something along to the Toddler. I've not been getting many comments lately on this blog and I can only wonder why since I've not been blogging very much lately. But, I do have one Faithful Commenter and no matter what I've got to say she always tries her best to comment. I've never have been given an award or even tagged in this blogging world. Who might I be talking about?? Amy from Surfing or Spaghetti of Course!! I've not been taking my thyroid meds lately and I guess thats why I've been so tired lately. I just don't have any motivation. I'm desperately trying to find a Wii Fit and maybe I can get some extra exercise in that way. I've not found one yet but,I'm determined to get one. Anyways Maybe once my daughter starts getting in bed like she needs to maybe I won't be so tired. It was after 1 am before she went to sleep? But her nap was off yesterday and She didn't want to go to bed!! I know I need to do something I just feel awful. The place where I work hasn't called me for work in almost 2 weeks and hubby just wants me to quit and stay home with Leah but,If they can get me some hours I would really love to work and have the extra money! We are looking for a house so we can get out of my husbands family house so pray that I find something soon. Hopefully we can find something we can buy. Here are they bloggers I want to Tagg for this award.

Cranky Fitness
Roni's Weigh
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A Merry Life

The Daily Mile

Please If you are a running,walker,cyclist,swimmer or even a triathlete please check out Daily Mile it reminds me of twitter/myspace for fitness. I guess like a social community for all of your fitness. I really like this site and I think its great site to keep up with your workouts. So,if you haven't already go check this site out. They are planning on working on getting nike + working with the site as well as those garmin gadgets so i think the site has great potential.
Friday, December 12, 2008

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sorry for the delay

I'm so sorry I've not been keeping up with this blog lately. I've not been working cause supposedly they can't find me any work! My little girl,Leah has been sick. Last week she got a stomach virus then gave it to me. I never felt so awful in my life. She has had all sorts of sinus issues but,was thinking it was alot due to her cutting her big molars. Well,now I've got this crud for what makes the 3rd time since October!! I've not been in the mood for working out at all lately. I got on Ebay the other day and ordered Leah a Little Rocking Chair. Its unfinished so it will have to be sanded and painted. I try to look for things I know she'll love and she will sit and bounce on her little toddler bed and try and rock her dollies to sleep. So I believe she will love it. I think I will buy her some new Pjs and maybe a new dollie. I don't care as long as she gets something for christmas. I think Christmas is for kiddies anyways. Its all about giving.
Sunday, December 7, 2008

Leah Had a Stomach virus

Leah Had a Stomach virus And she gave it to me. I threw up five times last night and then had Diahrea. We are all sick
~Boo Bear~
Monday, December 1, 2008

Getting back into Action

Lately things have been going crazy in my life. From Getting scammed out of money that could of been used elsewhere to my job. The lady I was caring for was put in the nursing home a few week ago and work hasn't been stable since. The company I work for put me to caring for a patient all the way on top of a nearby mountain and I just can't drive up there during the wintertime. They only had me working a few hours 3 times a week and Its just not paying me to go up there and work. I may live to regret it but,I really need something closer to home and more hours. I have been looking around online for work but,no luck yet. Maybe my husband can pay all of our bills for the next month or so. I know christmas will be next to none anyways and as long as my daughter has something to open on christmas day thats all that matters to me. I'm really needing to start working out again and try and start eating better. I'm lost about 15 lbs since july and It was hard to get it off and I want