Monday, October 27, 2008

Eating Organic

So as most of you know I've been trying to get back in shape. I'm approaching my 30th birthday in April and I'm not getting any Younger! In my early 20s I would just not eat but,I really think thats unsafe as well as unhealthy. I believe that is why my thyroid and metabolism is the way it is now because of those eating habits. Since July I've lost 14lbs isn't that awesome? I would like that number to be higher but,I'm trying to learn to live a healthy life when I was younger healthy wasn't in my vocabulary I just wanted a smaller pants size but,I guess as you get older you want to be healthier. My husband and myself are wanting more children but,I want to be healthier than I was before my last pregnancy and even what I am now. I had some issues during my pregnancy with leah and I am thankful she's here with me. I so don't want to go through that again. Having an Emergency C-Section as well,as a Staff Infection took its toll on me and I vowed I'd never do that again! I want more kids but,so not going through all that at least I hope so. I want to be healthier before I get pregnant. So,I've been listening to Jillian Michaels again!! I so Love her! How could you go wrong not listening to her podcasts it's very informative. She talks about eating organic and how much more healthy it is for you. I was listening to an older podcast of hers the other day and she was talking about alot of the chemicals that are being used in our foods. Now would you give rat poisoning to your children or even those that are dear to you??? I don't think so! I don't think people realize the chemicals that they are putting in our foods. She was talking about a chemical that was put on our foods that has a Cardigen Level 1 do you realize how dangerous that is? People wonder why they are getting cancer or other diseases its just no wonder. Eating healthier can save you on healthcare. How you might ask? Do you ever see healthy people going to the doctor very much? eating healthy and exercising boosts your immune system. So think about what your eating I know organic is much more expensive but,why not grow a Garden and grow some Fruits & Veggies you love. You can also check out Farmers Markets and I believe their fruits & veggies are cheaper most of the time than going to the Grocery Store. Alot of the these chemically processed foods are putting toxins into our bodies and making us fat! Organic Foods help our bodies rid of toxins.It is linked to ADHD,Cognitive Decline,Alzheimeiers and many other disesases.

Here are a few sites you can check out to read more about eating Organic

And another site to look up Farmers' Markets in your Area. There are several in the MiddleTennessee Area for those of you that live close to me.

Being since Jillian Michaels inspired this post here is a link to her sites
Jillian Michaels
Jillian's Podcast at KFI

Buy A handbag and Support Susan G. Komen

I get emails from Hungry-Girl and I like reading them and finding good food finds. I am always up for a deal and leancuisine has these bags for $9.95 Most of the proceeds are going to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure they are giving $5.00 for each bag that is bought. I really like these They are so cute. I personally like the Floral Swirl the best. So go check these bags out over here at Lean Cuisine.

Down 3lbs and a NS Victory!

I've been weighing 269 and wearing size 26/28W jeans and Yesterday I weighed myself and I weighed in at 266 so thats a -3lb loss. So excited. I went Shopping this week for a new outfit. We are planning on getting our pictures done in a few weeks. I wanted to get all of us something new to wear for a pictures cause God knows I could use more I had my neice,Beth go with me cause I think she has a great sense of style. She helped me pick something really great and I got my really size and they where too BIG! So excited So I got the next smallest size a 22W and thought I wouldn't be able to wear it and it fit perfectly. I'm so excited about it!!! I'm going to start counting Calories I believe. I think I'm going to start out with 2500 Calories a Day and see how I do and go from there. I also want to start eating organically. I know I can grow my own fruits & Veggies but,this year is pretty much gone to grow anything. So,I thought I would start growing my own stuff this coming year and I can save on Fruits and Veggies in the long run that way. I'm going to start cutting out more processed foods too. I was going to find some organic yogurt but my local walmart didn't have much just something from Stoneyfarms and it was plain yogurt. blah!
I Bought me a brita water filter this past week. I still can taste the chlorine in the water though so the water here must be pretty bad. Yuck! But at work its not as bad? not sure why? its only a few miles down the road. So,I can save money that way too. I'm also going to start having a cup of Green or White Tea everyday. I think there are huge health benefits to drinking Green or White Tea. I thought Maybe i could research the benefits of it and blog about it later.
I really need to start working out but,I have no motivation lately. I know what I need to do to loose this weight why don't I do it??
Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gracie's Gear Sportsbra

Roni over at is giving away a Sportsbra given away by Gracie's Gear is giving away a free sportsbra. I really like the look of these and the black and pink one is so mine even if I don't win I might buy one. So please go check out Roni's site and enter now!!

I entered the Gracie Gear Giveaway!

Check out Roni’s Weight Loss Blog for more information.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Portion Control & Calories

As most of you know I love listening to Jillian Michaels podcasts. Go to her site and check her out. Her podcast has been VERY informational. The podcast site is kinda like a blog about her pocasts and it lists all sorts of info she talks about on her podcast. She was talking about how people talk about portion control but she was saying how that's where alot of people mess up. That you need to count calories. Calories in calories out. I believe portion control and calorie counting go hand in hand. Both are equally important. Check out her podcasts and her websites. I'm telling ya you won't be disappointed.

Jillian Michaels Website

Jillian Michaels Podcast

getting outta the funk!

Lately I've been really depressed. My Hubby & I haven't been getting along that great lately. So I've been depressed about that. It's gotten me to where I've became distant and withdrawn from him. My husband has been hiding something from me nothing major just something trivial really but he knew it would make me mad. And he's had people lying for him and covering for him. Just be honest that's all I ask. I've been spending lots of time online I guess cause marty seems preoccupied and in the end result I've been bored. So I've vowed to Not get on the Computer while he's home and even the iPod Touch. If he will work on his issues. There has been times I could of been working out instead I was on the computer doing nothing really!!! I've been listening to Jillian Michaels Podcast lately and she says to loose and see results you should workout 4 hours a week. That's doable now if I'll actually do it that's another question.
Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sprained my ankle....again

I was leaving work yesterday and I was putting some trash in the back of the jeep that needed to be taken off I came around the jeep to get ready to leave when my foot fell in a small hole and it caused me to turn my ankle over and fall. I've repeatedly fell for the last 5-6 years and every time I mess the same ankle up. It irritates me cause I was going to try and get serious about my walking again. It's gonna take at least a week or two before it's any better. I was debating on even coming into work at all today but I figured I would probably have noone else to fill in for me. So I'm bearing with the pain. I might ice while I'm not doing anything here at work. I soaked in warm water last night and added some Epsom salt. It helped for awhile but it's just gonna take awhile to heal. Luckily the lady I care for well, her step-daughter is coming in to take care of her for the weekend. So I'll have the weekend off!!! Yah!! So maybe I can get some rest and it'll heal up.
Wednesday, October 15, 2008


One of the blogs I read on a daily basis is trying to make various things that you need working on a habit in your everyday life. Last week was drinking more water. Since I read the blog late in the week I decided to start the week off by drinking more water. Monday I think I drank a glass or two. Yesterday I drank 3 glasses. Today I'm aiming for 5 glasses while I'm here at work. I really need to quit drinking Sodas cold turkey I've been drinking too many Dr. Pepper's lately. The lady I take care of has a brita water pitcher she never uses so I've been using it at work. I hate tap water. I've not drank tap water since I lived in new York. The water was aweful there. I don't have a Brita pitcher at home but I thought of buying one instead of drinking bottled water while I'm at home. I'm going to start drinking green or white tea because I think there are great benefits to drink green/white tea. I just wonder if there are the same Amount of benefits in the little packets where you just add water?does another brand have better benefits than another? Is it better drink green or white tea cold or warm? I guess I need to do a little research on it. I thought it would be best to drink it after I get off work so as I can sleep at night in case it gives me a little more energy.
Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Leah Josephine

Where has the time gone? My baby turned 2 years old today. I had a rough pregnancy and delivery. I had to be induced and was doing great with the labor pains but I was afraid I couldn't handle the pain later on so I went ahead and took the epidural. I went into labor around 6 am and for the most part everything went along smoothly. My dr. Couldn't be there and sent in the midwife. I only saw her once at that was around 8 am. The only ones I saw was the delivery nurse. I don't understand why they didn't come to check on me? Any hoo I started pushing around 3 pm and was having no luck at all. She was turned to wrong way. Her heart rate was dropping. Finally at 7 pm my doctor showed up and wondered why I still hadn't had her. The delivery nurse had only been on the job a few days and I think she got scared and didn't tell them what was going on. He finally got to her head and tried the sucction but there wasn't much sucess. He said if you don't have her in 30 mins well have to do an emergency C-Section. So 30 mins passed and her heart rate continued to dropped so they asked my husbands permission. He agreeed and at 8:27pm we had our baby girl. But all was not right with our world. She only had a 10% heart rate and her lungs had collapsed. They worked on her and she was on all sorts of machines luckily she pulled through. But I didn't even get to hold her till around 3 am. I really feel it's important for mother and child to bond those first few moments of life. I don't think we bonded like we needed to. She had jaundice for over 3 weeks and I had a god awful staph infection. I literally was dying my Hubby worked 12 hours a day and I was at home unable to do much of anything at all. I got so sick with that staph infection and the worse part the hospitial staff nor my doctors told me!! They sent me home knowing about it! Thank God my sister came by to check on me. I could barely care for her on my own little on myself. But, she was there more ways than I know. After coming home from the hospitial I didn't get out much and I think it resulted into post partum depression. The doctors didn't believe in PPD but I had it and I think it's important to get fresh air. Especially with little ones. At times I feel like I'm raising her myself. But men are men! That can't be helped. I would love to give leah a little brother or sister but I think getting in shape is more important. I've tried going to see my patents and even sisters as much as I can. But, I can count on one hand how many times they've been to see me. It's like if I have to bust my @$$ to keep the relationship. I'm tired of it! I had leah's party yesterday and made it at a time my family could come. Not one person from my family showed up and I've been kinda down about it. My parents go to my dead sisters and brothers grave but can't see the ones that are alive WTF? I go see my parents as much as i can and my sisters too but,I feel like they could care less about me and take me for granted. I'm just tired of bending backwards to make them happy and to keep the relationship open! I'm not even gonna waste my time with my families annual Christmas eve party this year. What's the point? Why put on an act? Why come around when they don't all year around. I'm just tired of it. I hope that me and leah are alot closer as she gets older. I hope I can have more children and Leah is close to them. Happy Birthday baby girl I love you so much!!

I heard this song as soon as i Got in my jeep this morning and It was something I needed to hear. Right now I feel very alone. I guess I'm feeling down about how my family treats me.I feel Like I only have my husband and daughter as my family now. I feel like my family has forgotten me and could care less. This song gave me comfort this morning just when I needed it. I'd like to dedicate this song to leah Happy Birthday Baby Girl I ♥ you!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Thoughts about iBlogger

I got paid today and I was so antious to get the new iblogger app from the iTunes App Store. I've waiting for a blog app to blog offline since where I work is in the boondocks and it seems like there isn't much sign of life for miles around. What can I say I love Blogging but I have no Wi-Fi at work so being able to do it offline is Very important. I have various blogs on various subjects. My weight loss blog is on blogspot. Posting on my blogspot via iblogger is okay but I was really looking forward to being able to blog using pictures and right now you can't do that using blogspot. I've read that there was going to be an update soon and you'll be able to using your flickr account but who knows when that'll be?? You can also link posts or even websites but to me that seems just too complicated. Hopefully iBlogger gets better over time.
Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm walking Again Nike+ Again

I've not felt very well the last few days. As some of you know we currently live with my husbands Aunt & Uncle and I hate it with everything within me. But,Marty my husband wants to save money to get a place of our own. Well,Lately I've either been too tired or too depressed to even think of working out. Sometimes I think What's the use of even trying? I tell myself I'll always be fat. But,Yesterday I told myself yeah you'll always be fat maybe even fatter if you don't get off that @$$ so,I thought I'd Start with walking for about 30 minutes everyday. I done that several years ago and I lost weight even if I just had 30 minutes I'd at least walk. So I took my Nike+ Sportsband and try and calibrate it But,I can't figure the thing out. So,I just used my husbands Ipod and used the Nike+ on there. I walked 1.04 miles and I felt so alive I could had actually done more but,My neice Beth Called and I ended up going and hanging out with her for awhile. My Daughter went walking with me as well. My husband was working on the little farm we have here. And past the Goats area we have an empty feild and we walked around in around the perimeter of the property. I work my 2 year old out and I had my husband to come get her she was just too tired to continue. Wow I was getting more energy than her. But,she had a blast walking with me. I have a treadmill and its old and It seems like your constantly walking up a hill and it kills me. I"ve been sick the past few days. I actually got some time off work. The lady I care for has family in from California and The wanted me to wait about coming in till they left which didn't hurt my feelings cause I got some time off!! It sucks cause I've felt aweful I think its a cold?! My husband hasn't worked the last 2 days he said he had a stomach Virus but,I don't know what to believe. I'm sorry but no one else around here as a stomach bug? I really think he eats way too much and he always has a MT. Dew in his hand. I'm sorry but isn't anyone else sick??? My daughter and myself is almost always the first ones sick if there is anything going around. I'm just aggravated because this next Monday is my Daughters 2nd Birthday and I'd would really wanted the extra money. I get paid tomorrow and I'm not doing anything but, getting my daughters gift for her because I'm sorry she's that important to me.

I've added a picture above of my new Lance Armstrong Nike+ Sports band I've not figured it out yet but,Hopefully I will soon! So,if anyone out there has one and knows how to do it please shoot me an email at
Sunday, October 5, 2008

Is cold Season upon us?

I'm not sure when the cold season comes into effect but,everyone here at the house has been sick this past week. If I'm not better by tomorrow I won't be able to go to work. Working in Home Health If I'm sick they don't want us coming in till we are better. Because a little cold could be deadly for an elderly person. Which wouldn't exactly hurt my feelings. But,I've just felt awful so,thats why I've not been around much lately. Today I'm trying to get as much rest as possible and hopefully i will be able to go to work tomorrow. I'm downloading more music for hubby and myself today to put on our ipods.
Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fall is Here!

I think this little picture is so adorable! I love Autumn/Fall I know ppl call it differently but,I just love this time of the year here in Tennessee. The weather is getting much bearable. Its cool enough for a jacket in the mornings and even a light jacket when it starts getting dark. The sun shines during the day but,not enough to be a sortcher. I love it. I love how the trees change colors like they've been cast a spell upon them and their colors magically change colors. My hours at work changed today and really I'm relieved. Working all these hours lately has almost gotten the best of me. So now My hours at work are from 8am-2pm which is 6 hours 5 days a week. Thinking of having the office have someone come in and work the 4 hour shift on Saturdays but,I'm still undecided about it. This evening I go the Chance to watch Wind at My Back Today after I got off work I came in the House and I had 2 DVDs from Netflick. I get so Excited when I receive DVDs from them. I watch alot of old shows I never watched before and alot of old shows that I love!! I finished Wind at my back Vol.1 Disk 1 and went to the post office before the mail truck came so Netflicks should be sending me a new DVD Tomorrow! I get stuff I want to watch Chick flicks,tv shows I wanna see or even Workout Videos I wanna try. Today I tried Bob Harper's Biggest Loser Workout DVD it has 2 ways you can workout a 6 week workout with 4 different workouts you do 2 workouts one day and change up to the other 2 thats left the next day. I done 2 of the workouts today and I love it! I wished I had a way to record dvds or something. Bob does alot of boxing moves and I loved that because I need to work on my core muscles badly and I think boxing moves helps in that area. I really love this DVD and would defiantely do it again. The mail Truck doesn't leave till 4pm from my local Post Office and since I get off at 2 I thought I would do the DVD again tomorrow before I sent it back to Netflicks. I've been wanting to find a Diet thats more Stricker than Weight Watchers because I feel that its too leaniate and I need something thats gonna keep me on goal and focused. I'm not sure if there is a Biggest Loser Diet but,planning on trying to find something along those lines. I've seen the show and I've seen some of the stuff they have cooked in the past and it looks pretty healthy! I went to a website to do The Biggest Loser and it Cost around $20.00 a month and you get a full diet plan customized for you and it comes with 3 different books on The Biggest Loser. I think one is a fitness Book,a recipe book and the other probably goes through things on the show. Its called The Biggest Loser Club if anyone is interested. I've not been motivated to do anything lately and I'm not sure why. Our insurance ran out and hubby finally went back to work due to his accident and we are suppose to be getting insurance but have no clue when? I haven't taken my Thyroid Medication in about 2 months now and I can really see the effects of it. I'm always tired,my muscles ache. I just feel awful. I am just hoping my insurance will pay for the blood work.