Saturday, June 28, 2008

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traffic court

my husband had to go to court over the citations he was issued from his car wreck. He had no insurance on the car he was driving. Yes, I know we should of had our behinds kicked. At the time of his car wreck he worked around 60 hours a week and I just stayed at home with our little girl leah. We thought we couldn't afford then but we realize just how much we could afford it. If we had insurance we would probably of been set up pretty good financially seeing how the accident was the girls fault. She had 5 different citations against her one being no insurance too!! If only!! I wished I knew a way make her take responsibilty for what she's done. We got insurance on the Jeep which I plan to keep unless I find a cheaper policy. I never want to go through anything like this again. Anyways, the judge dismissed his no insurance citation since he showed proof we now have insurance. We just need to pay court costs. I wished I knew what happened to the girl that pulled out in front of him. Its not fair!!!! I just hope karma pays her a visit and she gets what she deserves.
Monday, June 9, 2008

Why I love my iPod Touch even more!!

A week ago I tried jailbreaking my iPod using the Ziphone method and it did work. I kept getting a weird message with all sorts of numbers in it. Well, I said I wouldn't jailbreak after that but, I was so wanting more apps for my iPod. Especially if it meant I could use them without a Wi-Fi connection. After much searching on the Internet iliberty was recommended to me. It was really easy to download & install. The program was pretty simple to use too. I will list the link later at the end of this post.

I've found some really great apps that I just love. I found a bejeweled type game. Its callef Gemlogic and you can post your score online. Which I like cause others post their scores too and you can kind of make it a competion to get a better score.

There is an app for twitter which I like even more than site itself. It has the twitters of fellow twitterans. A message area where I get all my direct messages from other twitterans and replys from my twitters . Then another icon to check everyones twitter I'm a twitter addict so if you are to maybe this is the app for you.

izoo is another jeweled type game but instead of jewels is zoo animals.

TuneWiki is a karoke type app that shows lyrics as a song is playing on your iPod. I'm not sure if there us a way to hook up your iPod to tv but if you could this would be great for parties & family get togethers.

Puzzlemanic is various puzzles I've not played it much.

MobileScrobble is an app that's similar to I love it!! I love music anyway. All you do is type in a music artist you like and it plays music from that artist as well as similar artists.

Sychstep not sure how it works haven't been able to get it to work yet. I believe it plays music while you walk as you walk faster It plays faster music.

Mobile2Do add things to do list I believe it has an alarm to remind you.

iSolitaire is a Klondike solitaire game I've not played Klondike solitaire much I like vertical solitaire better.

RagingThunder is a racecar game. I tried playing this morning. You move the car by moving your iPod. For me it was hard to play.

LiveJournal 0.2.0 is an app to type out posts for your live journal. I added it then deleted it I was gonna add it back but, I can't find it in the installer.

Sudoku is an numbers puzzle game its another one if my favorite games.

FiveDice is a Yahtzee type game not ever played yahtzee before.

I have a few web apps such as myspace,facebook,bejeweled,jivetalk ( which is a instant messenger service that combines all of the major instant

ipoint calculator which calculates how many points foods are. I wished there was an app for food journaling. Without having to pay.
TextonPhone which is an ebook app where you can add ebooks and read them. You tap your iPod screen to change the ebooks page.

Gumball Bingo if you like bingo you'll love this game.

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

So tired of being tired!!

Well, again last night it was almost 11:30 P.M. Before I was able to go to sleep. I was downloading a few more movies to put onto my iPod Touch. Now, I have a total of 7 movies on my iPod Touch. I'm probably gonna have to either buy a version of Magic Dvd ripper if find a different program that's free!! I hate to cause I really like magic DVD ripper plus I've already learned to use it. But it costs $30.00 for the full version. I might buy it when I get paid.
Well, waynes cousin, wyatt has been spending the night and they are always playing that stupid video game or he wants to use my computer. They are gonna have to do something so I can get in bed by 10 pm. If he wants to use my computer he needs to do it a little earlier.

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Forgetfulness Wednesday

Well,I've really done it. I've literally forgotten just about everything at the house. I'm at work aka Mrs.Andreson's. I take care of her and it can be so boring here at work. I can do all the cleaning in about an hour once week. I usually make her breakfast so I usually have breakfast dishes that's usually about all I do. I might water flowers a few times a week or take her trash off. So, usually I bring a book ( currently reading "The Wedding" by Nicholas Sparks) and my iPod Touch so I can type out messages for my blog, write notes,play games, listen to music and watch some of my favorite Tv Shows. But, I even forgot my headphones to my iPod so, its gonna be so boring. I forgot my book & even my Herbalife Diet Drink. What else could I possible forget??
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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Well, I searched online for a program to rip my DVDs that converts it into a iTunes readable file. The program is called Magic DVD Ripper and it normally costs $50.00. But I got it free!!! I downloaded 3 movies onto my iPod touch I borrowed from my sister,Crystal. Here are the movies I downloaded so far:

Well, I searched online for a program to rip my DVDs that converts it into a iTunes readable file. The program is called Magic DVD Ripper and it normally costs $50.00. But I got it free!!! I downloaded 3 movies onto my iPod touch I borrowed from my sister,Crystal. Here are the movies I downloaded so far:

updated on 6/5/08


The Notebook

Sweet Home Alabama

fast and the furious


raise your voice


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