Monday, March 1, 2010

Healthy You Challenge Week 9

Scale Junkie talked about in her weekly HYC post that she wanted all of us to Make March a month of ACTION! I do believe that she is right. Like her I'm at a moment in my life that I'm so ready for change! I'm writing this post having very little sleep and about to fall to sleep.. LOL so bare with me if it doesn't make any sense. Lately my husband and I have had marriage issues, in which we are currently working on. I've been trying to do better on balancing time with our time, being there for my daughter and school. I'm making me a priority as well. Yeah school is for me but, I need to take care of myself.

By taking action I bought a gym membership! I love my gym and couldn't be more happier with my choice. However, I'm trying to slowly work my way into a program. I hurt my back over a week ago when I picked leah up out of the grocery cart, I suppose my baby girl is getting too big for being in a grocery cart! My doctor also said I have a pretty severe kidney infection even threaten me with putting me in the hospitial. I've took more action by eating healthier, drinking more water. I'm planning on going to the gym after I get Leah on the school bus! I'm needing some sort of action plan on routine for loosing weight. Is there something I should be going by? I love using NIKE+ and using it to track my progress.

So what is your action plan for March?
Mine are:
Drink 3 bottles of water everyday
walk 3-4 days a week for 30 mins at least
elliptical easy and steady wins the race. Probably start out with a few mins and add each time. They are so hard on my knees? anyone else have that problem
Workout at the Cafe' which is similar to Curves. about 2 x's a week for 30 mins
more fruits and veggies
Take Thyroid & Multivitamin

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