Monday, August 30, 2010

Trying another go at blogging!! Why I’ve been MIA?!


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So I’ve not posted in forever!! I think the last time I’ve posted was in May. I Believe I was talking to you guys about me being pregnant and even posted a few things I’d love to have when the baby arrives.

     Currently I’m 27 weeks & 5 Days pregnant. I found out the end of June That I’m expecting a little boy, Devin Elisha is what his name is going to be. I’ve thought of giving him another name but nothing has been decided yet. My husband and I can’t agree. urgh!!!!

I’ve Gotten just about everything we need for the baby. We still need to get a matteress for the crib, a swing—really wanting one of the swings that can go two different ways. I think they are called bassinet swings or something??? I am searching for a diaper cream that I bought when my Daughter was a baby, it is the only cream I will use. Will have to do a review on it soon. We need to get a car seat still and a stroller, thinking of a sit and stand, that way my DD can still benefit from it and a huge plus would be not having to chase my daughter down while pushing a stroller hahaha…….                              

they think something maybe wrong with the baby, spina bifida. However, I’m believing everything is fine. They have done 2 level 2 U/S and have found nothing wrong yet. Personally I think they have my due date off!!! I’ve been sick on and off again, ugh!!! I hate being sick, a good thing though so far I’ve only gained 4 lbs, but he is growing and I’m okay with not gaining much as long as he is growing like he needs to be. As of now they have my due date as November 24th, however the high risk doctor is going with the 11th of November. With a C Section I’m hoping to go much sooner!!!

We didn’t do a whole lot this year during the summer with me being pregnant, but I don’t mind I am more of a home body. Just a lot of everyday stuff and going to the 2 different baby doctors a lot. Playing with leah during the day. She started her 2nd year of Pre-School this past Monday, she loves school but it seems getting up early and staying so busy through out the day keeps her so tired. I had to keep her out of school last Thursday and Friday because of her getting a cold, took her to the doctor cause she had a fever, and found out her tubes came out. uggh! not sure if they will want to put tubes back in her ears or not. I really hope not, seems like she had more problems after the tube placement than before. Wished I knew how to help with the fluid though. leah and cassie

Everything on the marriage front is going great!! I think my husband and I are closer now than ever before. It is odd, or maybe I’m getting old. I’m just fine being at home with my kids and my husband and enjoying time with them. We started building a house and hopefully by spring time we can move in!!!

marty,leah and cassie

And Lastly thought I’d share what I’m currently reading. I don’t really care for the series, however I’ve watched all the movies and love reading books before I see the movies.  Will try and remember to do a review on it once I’m done, speaking of reviews I’ve got a few product reviews that I plan to do over the next few days.

Breaking Dawn (First Edition) Twilight Saga Book 4

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