Friday, December 28, 2012

Sisters of the Quilt by Cindy Woodsmall

Sisters of the Quilt by Cindy Woodsmall is not one of my favorites by her and I'll be the first to Admit that. However, this series is still pretty good. This is one of her older series and I guess I'm more used to her newer writing style, but I love everything by her. I received this book as part of the Blogging for Books website, which is a great website to get new books in exchange for reviews. This was the 2nd book of Cindy's I received through this program. Without this program I would not have discovered Cindy at all. In the "Sisters of the Quilt" Trilogy which I received as one book is really three books in one. This books contains "When the Heart Cries", "When the Morning Comes" and "When the Soul Mends". All great books. I do not think you will be disappointed and have really enjoyed being able to see inside Amish lives through her reading. If you haven't please check her out on Facebook.

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