Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Pilates for Dancers DVD Beginners Review

What a perfect post with the New Year's right around the corner. Many people will be sharing their New Year's Resolutions for a better, more healthier life. I have always loved pilates, and was so excited to be given the chance for this review. I have been searching for a good, well rounded pilates program that I could implement into my workout routine. I think I have found it. I say that, because it works your whole body, it does not concentrate on one certain body part, and it so easy to do. Beginners can do this as well as those who are exercising BEASTS. You can easily modify each exercise to fit your level. I have nothing bad to say about this program at all. There is no really annoying music, in fact the music that plays is just a few seconds during the introduction of each exercise. The instructors voice isn't annoying, in fact I found that she only talks when instructing each move. When she does several reps of the move she is quiet, only when she is instructing does she talk. After getting the feel of the video I would probably just play music instead of listening to her voice, but that is just me. Overall great exercise video.

Pilates for Dancers
 - Runtime 63 minutes

 Now everyone can attain the dancer's body through pilates!
  • A workout for everyone
  • Lose weight while getting fit
  • Build core strength
  • Challenging and fun workout -- amazing results!

With this video you can lose weight, get fit, and build and strengthen your core. There are 24 exercises that are instructed step by step. It works your shoulders, abdominals, obliques, legs and gluteals. This dvd is not just for dancers, but it is for everyone who wants an easy to follow exercise program. Check out Pilates for Dancers for more info. 

I received this product in exchange of a honest review. I was not compensated in any way. All opinions are that of my own.

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