Thursday, February 21, 2008

Teenager Angst

we where on our way to take Andrea up to her moms and the jeep was making a funny thumping noise. Marty checked it out yesterday evening and it turned out to be nothing but since i had that car accident i get paranoid over things like that. Plus the road we take is extremely curvy well we came back and Marty told Andrea that he was sorry but,we will have to wait till next weekend. well she went off crying in her bedroom and called her nana who lives with her mom. Well,she asked her if she was still coming up and she said no. She came into the living room and asked if we could borrow marty's uncle hollis car i said no that it wasn't in very good shape. I didn't want to drive the car cuz,the axles and tie rods both are messed up. Well,she went outside and asked marty too. He was looking at the jeep and his nerves where up anyways cuz of the jeep. well,she kept nagging him about wanting to go up there. I never seen marty get so mad in such short time. Well he told her no she just kept on. I went out there and ask her what was so important that she couldn't wait till next weekend. She started screaming at me. then said I wanna see my mom!!! Well i know tonya's (andrea's mom) vechicle was messed up and she never threw a fit like that. I told her what is so important that your willing to risk everyones life. Marty told her she only cared about what she wanted and what she got. and that nothing was good enough. She is all the time putting ppl down about their clothes and braggin about everything she has. she will go spend 75-100 bucks on jeans and throughs it up at everyone. she doesn't even want me washing her clothes because she acts like we have germs or something. HEr moms bf supposedly molested her but,its hard to believe anything she says. I'm sorry but,i know from my past i wouldn't want to be around anyone who every hurt me in that way. I still have issues over things and i'm sorry i don't think i could be around him. well,I'm just tired of all the drama. everytime i turn around there is something else always going on with her. She tells her mom crap that isn't true and then it ticks me off. which causes arguments between me and her mom. I think all she wants to do is start trouble. Her mom called this morning and said she was staying up there and moving in with her. Its just as well really because all she is is trouble. everytime she gets mad at her mom she wants to move off from her moms and then when she doesn't get her way at her dads she is ready to do the same thing. How can you discipline a kid who does that. her mom gives into her up there if she does something wrong here. it goes on all the time. its just crzy!!! i do everything i can for her then she runs her mouth about me too. I told marty that i try to make her feel welcomed and a big part of everything but when she does things to upset me or stab me in the back why would i want to do anything for her if she continues to do things to hurt me. Like the weekend we where up your house she had said all kinds of crap about me and when we got home that nite we got into it about it. I told marty for me its hard to do things for ppl when they just walk all over you.

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