Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sephora,EDM & Coastal Scents Haul

I've been shopping on and off all day...I'm so excited!! I've got alot of things thats coming in the mail. Here is a list of some things I got

1. Hope in a Jar
2. Purity made simple
3. My free gift which is a makeup box with lots of samples

New scrubs for work so now I have enough to do me all week
I got some christmas prints and some new iguana med scrubs.

I also ordered some make-up from coastal scents from EDM ( Everyday Minerals) which is mineral make-up. I order 3 foundations 3 blushes,3 concealers,2 brushes- a flat top and the long handled kabuki. I'm really excited to try this mineral make-up. I've wanted to try mineral makeup for a long time plus its so much better on your skin.

From Coastal Scents I got the pink brush set which is so cute!! I also got a 22 neutrel eyeshadow palette which is most of the colors I use on a daily basis. So I got alot of stuff and I will take pictures when I receive it. It was so much fun shopping for me! I love shopping

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