Sunday, November 23, 2008


We've been living with my Husbands family and helping them out since my husbands car accident about 6 months ago. Our Christmas Present to ourselves was to get out of here and be on our own. Even if it meant not getting a gift from each other this year. We wanted to do everything we could to get out of here. So,What do I do??? I started looking in the Newspaper and even on LSN which is a similar website to Craigslist. Where people post things they have for Sale,RENT,Free or Trade. I really couldn't find anything in the paper and finally found something on LSN. There was no picture of the house but,there was a good description. The rent was more than I had wanted but,I thought if we worked hard we'd manage. We went to go look at this House this past Wednesday. I really liked the house. The only problem I had with the house was that It only had a walk in shower and having a little girl we really needed a tub. But,still I thought we would still get around that too. It being the end of the month,me not getting many hours at work lately we still wanted the house but,asked if she'd work with us. She seemed a little over eager to help us out. I know we really jumped the gun about getting a place and we really didn't have much money but,I thought if they'd work with us we'd could get things situated and I thought it would eventually all work out for everyone. Well,My brother in law lives up the road from her and I had heard bad things about our future landlord. But,I was being trustworthy and trying to give her a chance. I thought I would paint the living room cause she had it painted a funky purple color and that had to go! She agreeed and even told us she'd pay for the paint. We agreed that we'd prorate the rent and even pay us to paint and for all the supplies. She agreed to even keep the electric,water & Gas on in her name for 60 days which is 2 months or till we got it switched over whichever came first. I don't know but,I felt leary of that she may do something shady. Well,Thursday was my day off but,I thought I'd rest till I returned back to work the next day. She calls at 8am wondering if I'm coming over there? I hadn't planned on it but,I went ahead and told her I'd come over for awhile to paint so I could get it done before Saturday so we could get moved in. I went ahead and got most of the painting done. She kept calling me the whole time I was painting and yapping away. She kept telling me all her problems and even told me about a shed building she had sold for $800 to a man in Knoxville. She later told me he had Stopped Payment on the Check he had written her and she'd wrote checks on it and that her checking account was all messed up. Which,I am sorry isn't my problem. She kept texting and calling us in the early morning hours on our cell phones. She kept texting us saying call me its urgent. I knew something was going on but not sure what? I texted her back and she called within 15-20 mins and this was at 6am she wakes everyone in the house up and even my 2 year old which ticks me off. She said because of her situation she had to have more money. I said we'll I will have to wait and see. She said its Friday I know you and your husband both work and you both probably get paid. I told her I work in Home Health and didn't get paid but 2x's a month but,Marty got paid but,I'd have to talk to him. He said NO we aren't given her anymore money I don't care what's going on with her. Well,I called her back and said no we can't give you anymore money that we just want our money back and we'd return the key and go our separate ways. She said that would be okay. I tried calling her later that day to make arrangements and she wasn't woman enough to answer my phone calls but,she could text me and I think it was because of her thinking that we take her to court or something. Well,I got everything saved she's ever sent me too. We came down our road and was sitting in front of the school and she pulls out in front of us and I had my husband to follow her so we could talk to her. She wouldn't stop so we ended up falling us to her house and she gets out of her branco saying she has no time for us that her son is missing and he's a grown man....whatever! I think he can take care of hisself. It was just something to through us off. So,We went on our merry way. She wasn't woman enough to talk to us face to face or even over the phone but,she could text me? I've been so furious!!! She kept telling me that I breeched the contract?? How? It was her that kept asking for more money? It wasn't in the contract and if anything we where paid up till the 1st Of December. She kept texting me to not go on the property or she'd have me arrested? I called the cops and he said I had paid till the end of the month and I had the right to live there till I was legally evicted. He said it could take up to 90 days to have me thrown out since I actually have a child. We didn't even move not one piece of furniture in this house. I just feel like we where ripped off and I'm furious. Its things like this that makes me not want to trust anyone in this world. I could had used that money to get my child a good christmas for this year but,someone took advantage of me. I went over there last night and she had all the door knobs taken off and I couldn't even get in the house. I was even more furiated! I talked to a neighbor over there and apprently she's been running all sorts of scams. She will tell people all sorts of pitty stories and give her all sorts of free stuff and then turn it around and sell it for a triple price which I think is wrong. There are actual ppl that actually need stuff like that and she lies to get things and flip it? Apparently I am not the first she's scammed. I put an ad up on LSN and told ppl to watch who they deal with on there. I got so many emails from ppl saying that she scammed them and that she took them for money too!! I wished I could warn everyone about her but,I know there will still be ppl that will fall prey to her and I just hope they don't get scammed out of money like I did. so if your online trading or selling things or whatever even if its a rent house please really check out the person your dealing with because they can really take you for your money. If anyone goes on LSN please stay away from anyone with the name of coltenbaby or angel baby or angellynn. I also found out she has all kids or Pitts and Rotti dogs and has even let them loose on kids? what kind of person is that. I really want to take her to court but,is it worth it? should I walk away and count my losses

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