Monday, December 1, 2008

Getting back into Action

Lately things have been going crazy in my life. From Getting scammed out of money that could of been used elsewhere to my job. The lady I was caring for was put in the nursing home a few week ago and work hasn't been stable since. The company I work for put me to caring for a patient all the way on top of a nearby mountain and I just can't drive up there during the wintertime. They only had me working a few hours 3 times a week and Its just not paying me to go up there and work. I may live to regret it but,I really need something closer to home and more hours. I have been looking around online for work but,no luck yet. Maybe my husband can pay all of our bills for the next month or so. I know christmas will be next to none anyways and as long as my daughter has something to open on christmas day thats all that matters to me. I'm really needing to start working out again and try and start eating better. I'm lost about 15 lbs since july and It was hard to get it off and I want

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