Friday, December 12, 2008

sorry for the delay

I'm so sorry I've not been keeping up with this blog lately. I've not been working cause supposedly they can't find me any work! My little girl,Leah has been sick. Last week she got a stomach virus then gave it to me. I never felt so awful in my life. She has had all sorts of sinus issues but,was thinking it was alot due to her cutting her big molars. Well,now I've got this crud for what makes the 3rd time since October!! I've not been in the mood for working out at all lately. I got on Ebay the other day and ordered Leah a Little Rocking Chair. Its unfinished so it will have to be sanded and painted. I try to look for things I know she'll love and she will sit and bounce on her little toddler bed and try and rock her dollies to sleep. So I believe she will love it. I think I will buy her some new Pjs and maybe a new dollie. I don't care as long as she gets something for christmas. I think Christmas is for kiddies anyways. Its all about giving.

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