Friday, December 31, 2010

Journey to a better me.

So everyone I'm sure is making New Year's Resolutions for the upcoming year of 2011. I guess I'm no different. I had planned doing Weight Watchers because my insurance says you can do the plan without any cost to you. Well, I called the other day and Weight Watchers in my area doesn't do that in my area any longer. Talk about a huge let down!!!!!! Urgh....I really don't know much about the new plan to do it on my own. I may try to do it on my own using their website for awhile. Dunno, we'll see I suppose. But I defiantly want to learn how to eat better and learn to cook healthier meals for me and my family.

I've been seriously wanting to do some sort of workout from BeachBody, we'll since I had a C-Section 6 weeks ago I thought I'd start out something low key. So I decided to go with Turbo Jam. I thought I'd do a complete rotation of the program then maybe do something different. I'd love to eventually do all the program's. I'm just sooooo sick of feeling miserable and I'm so ready to start working on me. I know I can do it, heck I've done it before. It's just I guess I let things get the best of me. I'm so exhausted at times. Well I guess I've got the right to be, I mean goodness I'm a newly mother of not only a newborn but of a VERY HYPER ACTIVE 4 Year Old. Some days my daughters ADHD & her developmental Delays gets the best of me. it wears me soo down that all I want to do is just have a moment of complete silence. Anyhow, my Turbo Jam should be in the mail tomorrow!!!! I can't wait to start! What is 30 mins to an hour of time to myself. Don't I deserve that?!? My husband wants to start eating healthy so that's a good thing. We just moved so I'm still trying to get my husband to move my treadmill over here too. So who wants to start this Journey with me?

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