Friday, December 31, 2010

My Year in Books, Movies, TV & Music

I saw a similar blog post from another blog, so thought I'd join in the fun and post. I've not blogged much this past year and I really hope to get back into that.

--Lights Camera Action!

I'm a huge movie Lover! We've been doing Netflix for awhile now and I really love that we can watch endless movies and tv shows instantly. Now the movies I list may not necessarily be new releases, just movies I've watched throughout the year of 2010. Being that the year was '10 I want to list 10 of each.

Christmas Story
Remember Me
The Other Guys
Despicable Me

Tv Shows
Gossip Girl
Desperate Housewives
The Glades
Grey's Anatomy
True Blood
The Gates

Books I've Read

Okay I'll be the first to admit I've not read many books really since giving birth to my daughter over 4 years ago. I just had my little boy, Devin back in November plus I'm going to school and we also just got our own place so things are so crazy for me. But in 2011 I really want to get back into reading more and not just school text books.

On A Snowy Night
The Last Song
The Vampire Diaries
Dead Until Dark

So as you can see I've not read many books and actually I've not read many into completion that I've got listed here. But like I've said I really hope to Change that this coming year. I've got a few series that I really love to read.

Twilight Series (one book left!)

The "Anne" Series by L.M. Montgomery (currently on Anne of Avonlea

Charlaine Harris Series that's based on the " True Blood " series ( currently reading the first book, "Dead until Dark"

Little House on The Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder ( Currently on Book 2, which I think is titled " Farm Boy"

The Vampire Diaries the Complete Series

Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake Series

The Vampire Academy Series by Rachelle Mead

House of Night Series by P.C. Cast & Kristin Cast

Kay Scarpetta Series by Patricia Cornwell, I've read several in the series and I love them.

Sandra Gulland's Historical Fiction Series based on Josephine Bonaparte, I've read the first two books in which they where fast reads. I read them while I was pregnant and actually my daughter's middle name is Josephine. I love that name.

Jesse Stone Series by Robert B. Parker

Okay so I think that's enough, I doubt I'll read half of these books, and some I've already started some but I this is a great selection of books.

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