Thursday, May 29, 2008

I h8t3 stupidity!!!!!

Like I said before we ended up moving in with my husbands Aunt & Uncle. I hated doing it because I don't care for them at all. I don't care to help them out while we are here but, I hate it here for 1 & 2 this isn't my house its not home to me. I feel like I can't do what I want to do when i want to do it. They are loud and could care less if they wake my little girl up which ticks me off. They do really small trivial things to get on my nerves. I ask if they've drank our milk and knowing full well they had and they lie to my face. I buy them all kinds of food,can cold drinks and when its toward the end of the month they have drinks and I know they do and i ask if I could have something to drink and they lie and say they don't have anything. Its not that they have something that's theirs but its the fact that they lie to my face about it. I can't stand a liar!!! To believe they go to church. What's the world coming to??

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