Saturday, June 28, 2008

traffic court

my husband had to go to court over the citations he was issued from his car wreck. He had no insurance on the car he was driving. Yes, I know we should of had our behinds kicked. At the time of his car wreck he worked around 60 hours a week and I just stayed at home with our little girl leah. We thought we couldn't afford then but we realize just how much we could afford it. If we had insurance we would probably of been set up pretty good financially seeing how the accident was the girls fault. She had 5 different citations against her one being no insurance too!! If only!! I wished I knew a way make her take responsibilty for what she's done. We got insurance on the Jeep which I plan to keep unless I find a cheaper policy. I never want to go through anything like this again. Anyways, the judge dismissed his no insurance citation since he showed proof we now have insurance. We just need to pay court costs. I wished I knew what happened to the girl that pulled out in front of him. Its not fair!!!! I just hope karma pays her a visit and she gets what she deserves.

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