Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Forgetfulness Wednesday

Well,I've really done it. I've literally forgotten just about everything at the house. I'm at work aka Mrs.Andreson's. I take care of her and it can be so boring here at work. I can do all the cleaning in about an hour once week. I usually make her breakfast so I usually have breakfast dishes that's usually about all I do. I might water flowers a few times a week or take her trash off. So, usually I bring a book ( currently reading "The Wedding" by Nicholas Sparks) and my iPod Touch so I can type out messages for my blog, write notes,play games, listen to music and watch some of my favorite Tv Shows. But, I even forgot my headphones to my iPod so, its gonna be so boring. I forgot my book & even my Herbalife Diet Drink. What else could I possible forget??
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