Thursday, August 27, 2009

Getting out of the rut!

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is having an awesome week so far!! I started new classes this week!!! They seem to be much harder this time around but, I know if I keep on track I can do it. It's hectic having a child, plus going to school too! So I praise any mother who goes back to school! But, I truly feel it is the best thing you could do. Sometimes when I'm doing school work I really feel guilty about it, then I feel I should be doing something with or for my daughter. I feel that it will help not only me but, her too.

I've been having my homework done before my husband gets home. So, that I will be able to get some time alone to workout. I've worked out 3x's this week. Habe they been hour long workouts, the answer to that would be no! Not even 30 minutes! But, I'm working my way up to that. I had my husband bring my treadmill into the house, so no excuses to NOT workout! So I've using it for the last 3 days. I've worked out about 20 mins at a time. Since I've not worked out much lately I'm having to build myself up. I've not even walked much since I fell last year. I can tell that my leg is really weak but, I plan on building that up slowly is the key. I guess when I did have medical insurance I should of had my leg checked out. But, I don't want to over do it to where I can't walk at all so, I'm trying not to push myself too much. I'm going to search for exercise that can help strengthen the area that my leg is weak so that I can strengthen it. 

Watched a tear jerker of a movie today will defiantely have to do a review on it. It is called "The boy in the striped pajamas" it was so movie. Its a must watch if you are into history especially the WWII era. 

If anyone knows how to fix an issue I have please help. Someone is spamming me I guess you could say. They are writing random messages on my blog but, I'm not sure how to fix it so if you have any ideas please let me know. 

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