Thursday, August 20, 2009

A great loss

Last Tuesday, We had a great loss in our Family. My husband's Brother, David was 52 years old. He had cancer in the lungs, liver and Kidneys, in addition to his lymph nods. It was a great loss and still I can't believe he is gone. It's so unreal that you have those that you care for deeply by your side one moment and the next they are gone. It's just so unbelievable. In last year, he and his daughter would come over if not everyday every other day. We almost always spent our weekends as a group hanging out and having fun. Be it cook outs, easter egg hunts, watching a movie or playing a game of ROOK. I have to say he, out of any of my brother in laws was cool to hang out with. We always picked at each other. He would pick at me cause when playing rook I'd be reading a book or some random magazine. All the while playing cards. Everytime we played rook he always had to explain it over and over to me. I miss him there is no doubt about that. There have been nights my husband can't sleep at all. I've lost a brother and a sister so I can relate to an extent. Although my brother we knew had a time limit on his life. The doctors once said he had 6 months to live, in which he lived for 3 more years. My sister, dying by sucide was more tragic and was an unexpected great loss no one should ever have to go through. I miss them all everyday. I know though, that my brother in law david is in a much better place. I can only strive to make it into the Heavenly Gates. I'm doing better with my spirtual walk. My family has been going to church for almost 2 months straight now. I guess we got to just strive forward and keep it up!

I've been really depressed lately. I know a lot of it is due to my weight. I have gained 10 lbs since moving which is depressing in itself. I've not been eating right at all. Most mornings I guess I'm too lazy to put forth the effort and I eat what is cooked by my husbands aunt. I know I should be eating my oatmeal or something much more healthy but, haven't. There is so much fried foods being cooked on a daily basis the oil itself could fuel a car. UGH! I guess I need to put forth the effort to cook for myself and cook better. I rarely get in exercise time. I'm always so tired. I feel that I have to get a nap in when my 2 year old does in order to get through my day! I know working out makes me feel better. I guess I need to set up an action plan and stick to it. I've heard of people schedule in exercise just like they would a doctor appointment. I'm thinking of doing just that.

As far as movies and TV Shows I've been watching Lifetime's "Drop Dead Diva" in which, I really like it. Its about a lawyer who pretty much has the life anyone would want. I guess you could say she is spoiled but, she dies and is brought back to life into a different body of an overweight lawyer who had a guardian angel.

We've almost finished with the 4 season of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. I'm at the Point where Mikeala just found out she is pregnant. I will be sad to see an end to this show. I really like it. Wished there was more tv shows like this.

I watched the last show of Felicity Season 2 today.

I'm currently watch Hannah Montana's Movie. I have A Netflicks account in which that is how I watch most of the new releases as well as older tv shows. Guess I need to find something else to get my husband and myself addicted to.

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