Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Days 2 & 3

I'm running a day behind on the 31 Day Challenge so thought I'd combine yesterdays & Today's to catch up.

Day 2--
Share your goals with at Least 3 people that can hold you accountable. hmm not sure who can hold me accountable. Perhaps maybe someone on facebook can help me with that.

I'll update later when I have successfully done that lol.....

Day 3--
Make a Plan of action for Each of your Goals. Be Specific and include deadlines.

Move more by working out on my treadmill and doing various DVD workouts here at home.

Eat Less, even though there is still food on the plate does NOT mean I have to finish it.

Drink more water--carry more water around with me. Have water next to my desk, bedroom, livingroom and and fridge so that I always have a cold bottle on hand.

Loose at Least 30 lbs by December 2012
Start Body by Vi by March 2012

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