Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cute As A Button Sale March 2-8


tashaLast night Started the Cute As A Button Sale It opened at 6pm for Consignors and each consignor could bring along 1 Guest. I too my Neice Natasha Here is a picture of Natasha. She is 14 weeks pregnant. Congrats Tasha Love ya bunches!! She is thinking she is think she going to have a little girl which,I hope she does! I think little girls are just so cute!! Plus how can you NOT love to shop for them?? 

If you live in the Middle Tennessee area and you live in my Hometown of Sparta,TN then you must get to Cute As A Button Sale. With the way the Economy is going. In my area wherever I turn I hear about another factory or even store that has went out of business. Like yours truly! I got laid off back at the first of January but,Really I’ve not worked much since October. My sister works for the Company,Home Caregivers,INC. which was the company I worked for but,Let me tell you despite her being my sister I think they did me shitty umm…wrong! LOL So if you live close please check out this consignment I know I saved money just by adding some of Leah’s old clothes to the Sale. I get 80% of the sale plus I got a $50 voucher for being a consignor. They had the following Brands

  • Gap
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Old Navy
  • The Children’s Place (which is one of my fave)
  • Tommy Hilfiger plus Many others….



Here is a Map of where the sale is located I hope that you will go. The sale opens up to the public tonight at 6pm. I gave a coupon to my neice for 1/2 off on Saturday I might see about going with her. Can’t beat Half off!!!!


Sparta National Guard










Here is What I got Leah at the consignment sale last night.



1 pair of brown sandals with velcroe straps

1 pair of black flats for church

1 pair of black sandals/flipflops for summer-time

1 pair of pink tennis shoes with velcroe straps



Pink Capri Outfit

Yellow Dress with Bubble-Bee & Flowers

Pink Polo Sleeveless Dress

Blue Jean Capri’s with Red Shirt

Dora the Explorer Shirt with matching Capri’s

Pink shirt with Flowers with a plaid skirt

Gimme Gimme Kisses shirt with a Flowery Skirt

A pink Polka Dot Dress

Pink & White Shirt

Purple Dress with flowers on the bottom

Red Flowery Dress looks kind of like the old Red Work Quilts

Pink Butterfly dress with Spaghetti straps with halter top

Pink Sleeveless Dress

Pants outfit-brown Couteroy (sp) pants with “World Wide Sweetie” shirt


This is how I feel right now! I woke up this morning feeling like a train ran over me!!!! Not sure why I feel like that

I can tell my sinuses are draining again along with a sinus headache. I could use a good   I had gotten the toddler to sleep earlier but,she only stayed asleep for 30 mins or even less then woke up and now she has her second wind. I’m afraid if she goes to sleep now that she won’t sleep tonight. My husband,Marty hates for her to get off schedule and believe me I do too! She seems to be the worst tornado possible today. Goes from room to room wanting to destroy things and I know I need to clean but,I just feel aweful!!!! I will try and do an update for HYC & BLBE tomorrow so please check back sometime after that for more…

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