Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Making Progress


Tuesday March 10,2009-4:00 PM

Today I got my 1st Unemployment in the total of $65 Dollars. I’ve been having to repay where I got overpaid unemployment a few years ago and I had to repay it. So my check wasn’t as much as its suppose to be. Next week its suppose to be more so,I’m going to Use my check then to really do some stocking up on groceries,pay my internet & Cable bill and if I have much money left I’m wanting to go see the Doctor to make sure that I have nothing going on with me and even go try and get my thyroid medication so,I can start taking it again. Maybe then I will begin to start feeling better again. After cashing my little Check I went to Wal-Mart to get some things we where needing.Here is what I got.

  • DAWN Foaming Dish Soap its supposedly Long Lasting I want to find something that is long lasting cause the regular dawn seems to loose its suds in no time at all. I have a family and I hate to washing dishes as it is and I hate washing dishes without some decent suds in my dishwater.
  • Gummy Earphones They where fairly cheap actually the cheapest there. I had a pair before and I liked them alright but,my daughter got a hold of my old ones and tore them up. i don’t know what it is about earphones she like them and often I caught her putting them in her mouth and she has tore them up. I also wrap them around my iPod and I think it messes up the wires inside and messes up the earphones too so,I won’t totally blame them on Leah.
  • Some Superbake casserole meal for Dinner Thursday Night.
  • Drinks for tonights dinner. I got Mt. Dew for hubby and Dr. Pepper for me. Yeah,I have a Dr. Pepper Addiction. I know I need to quit but,sometimes Its just tastes so good! I’m trying to do better about drinking more water and I believe I drink more water the warmer the weather it is. Especially,Iced Water.
  • Some Phone Cards for my Prepaid Phone I was nice and I got hubby one too.

After Leah & I went to Wal-Mart We went to visit with my mom. One of my New Years’ Resolutions was to spend more time with my Mom & Dad cause since getting married I hadn’t been doing that. I know that’s bad. They only live in town maybe 5-6 miles away from where I live but,I like when my husband goes with me too. But,He acts like it kills him to go visit with them but,yet he expects me to spend all day at his Aunts & Uncles. MEN! They expect but don’t do in return!!!! That is about the only thing that irritates me about my husband. Leah kept getting into everything there and she was being her typicial self. I ask mom if I was that mischievous or rambunctious She said no that I was actually pretty good. The only one that was like that was my brother. I told her I believed she had ADD or something…lol I know its not anything to kid about but,sometimes I wonder how I can keep up after her. She is always on the move and I just wonder if she will ever be better when she gets older. I thought about talking to the doctor about it cause I want to have her a check-up done so,I can make sure she is okay on her shots. But I enjoyed being able to spend time with mom. My dad was gone to his physical therapy he has an aneurism in the upper part of his leg and he has deep tissue damage and requires at least 3 days of Therapy. So please keep my dad in your prayers cause they are thinking if the therapy isn’t working that they will have to do surgery and It scares me with him having the aneurism and all. So please please keep him in your prayers. He & I have had a strained relationship the last couple years. That’s a long story but,he’s 76 years old and I know that he’s not getting any younger.

Oh to my main topic. I’ve repeatedly said how tired I am lately! I guess when your are so Fat you don’t feel like doing much of anything. I know that in the back of my mind if I just get off my butt and walk for just 30 minutes it will help me feel better and I would actually want to do more but,I’ve just been so tired lately and all I want to do is sleep. So today I set my mind in working out. Last Week I got a new iFit Card for my Treadmill and I Done Program 1 on it. There was a few times I had to manually lower the incline & speed but I know eventually I will be able to get to where I can Do with out doing so. The iFit Card I got last week is the Level 1 for Weight Loss it can be use on any ifit compatible equipment. So,if I ever get a bike or elliptical I would want to get an iFit one so I can use these on there as well. My legs are cramping me again today! Hopefully when I go to the doctor they can figure what’s going on with me and I won’t be hurting all the time. If I’d stop cramping so much I really believe that I would walk more. This is one step forward in this journey and I can proudly say I’m proud of myself. Well,its still fairly nice out it was in the upper 70’s today. Suppose to rain tonight and its suppose to be in the lower 40’s tomorrow so much for the nice weather! But,I know the pretty weather is just around the corner! Leah has Spring FEVER and wants to be outside all the time. She throws a tantrum if she has to come back in. So,I want to enjoy some time outside so I will catch ya in blogland another day take care

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