Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Healthy Me

I’ve not gotten to workout yet this week!! its Frustrating. Tuesdays are so busy for me. I usually get my unemployment check on Tuesdays and I go grocery shopping and pay a couple bills and it usually takes up most of my day and usually the toddler and myself go and take a nap afterwards.

Last week I weighed in on Saturday at 263 which is up from where I have been but,I can’t let myself get too off track. I’ve been trying to do better although I’ve not worked out all week. I weighed myself this morning and I weighed in at 261.8 so That’s an improvement. The toddler didn’t take a Nap all day today and Really I’ve been busy washing the laundry and hanging it outside on the line. Cleaning up after the toddler. My husband seems to do a better job about making her pick up after herself. sometimes I feel like I get no where with her and the more I tell her to do something the more she doesn’t do it! Even if I discipline her actually it seems like she gets worse if I do spank her or put her in time out..ugh!!!! Anyways,I’ve been so busy today cleaning and I just seem to do more when its nice out.

My birthday is on April 6th and I’d love to get some new DVDs for my Birthday hubby asked what I wanted but,I’m not sure thought of getting some new DVDs so if you know of anything PLEASE Please Give me some ideas. I posted this same question on the Biggest Loser Blog Edition Boards but never got a response. I don’t feel too much with that challenge if anything it seems like everyone just does their own thing unlike HYC where I seem to get more support from. Maybe its me I don’t know. Anyways if you have any great ideas as far as workout DVDs please send me your suggestions cause I’m wanting to start doing something a few times a week to work other areas. I feel like my lower abs our out of kilter and would love to find something that really works the abs.

This isn’t a big change but it is progress. I’m thinking of starting to do progress pictures. Maybe post one every month to see if there is a change in the pictures. My digitial camera doesn’t seem to work like I’d like for it to so Maybe I can get it to work for a bit to get the progress pictures. Maybe soon I can get me a new camera. I want the flip but not sure how great the still pictures are??? Anyways I’m hoping to workout tomorrow. Its so hard to workout with the toddler around on the treadmill always afraid she may try and get on it when I am walking fast or even running. Maybe I should just do a video and maybe she’d follow too….. However we did get a little workout today. She loves the Wiggles I guess cause it has alot of music and dancing and everytime she hears music especially when the wiggles is on she wants me to Dance With her so I guess we danced on and off this morning for close to 30 mins. It was Fun!!!!

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