Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Easter

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Well I've been finishing up trying to get my laundry done today! Its been so Beautiful the last 2 days here in Tennessee. I just hope the weather holds out so it will be nice for Easter Weekend. This will be the first Official year Leah Has Celebrated Easter. Last year this time my husband had had his wreck and was in the hospital. This past weekend I took Leah to a local Elementary School on A Saturday where they had our little town's Easter Celebration they have for the Kids Every year. Last year they had it 2 weeks early and it was raining so I didn't let Leah Go. My niece,Beth went with me and we all had a blast. They had free activities for the whole family. First we went to the Craft Booth and we made Leah a hat! I wished I had gotten a picture of it before she managed to destroy it!!! But we had glued a pink bow with a little bouquet of flowers.
I kept promising her all week that she was going to get to see the Easter Bunny and Luckily they had not only an Easter Bunny but a Doggy too!! Leah loved them but,she acted like she was too afraid to go by herself so,she grabbed my arm and luckily Beth had my camera phone and she took pictures and she got a decent one. Leah wanted me to go with her which I thought was so cute. She kept hugging the dog which was priceless and it made her day! She just kept hugging him and I know the guy probably wished he'd get off her but it was so cute. We then stood in line to get Leah's Face painted but the line was so long. We never got her face painted they called Ages 1-3 for the Egg Hunt and since there was such a huge crowd the kids could only get 10 eggs a piece. They where fake eggs that had candy in them. The place I live is out in the Country and at most has 200 hundred people and take that most of those are probably older people so this is a small area but there was all kinds of young people there. I say close to 500 people where there which I don't think is fair to kids that are actually from here. I knew of at least 5 people i saw that was from a different county. My sister came with her 5 kids and she doesn't even live in this area. But,I guess it made it much more interesting. I ran into an old friend there. She actually use to be my bf in Elementary school and the Crazy thing is she just lives right down the street from me. She has a 2 year old little boy that's around the same age as Leah.
Saturday evenings we have been trying to do a bible study with my dad although we invite other people I mainly try and get my dad to come. It gives me an excuse to visit my parent and I think that's why my husband,Marty suggested we do something like this. My dad is really knowledgeable when it comes to stuff about the bible too and I think that would help Marty. Leah is something else!! She is so routy and I just can't see how I handle her at times. She was so routy that she was grabbing my bible while I tried to read for my dad and she kept carrying on and I wished she only better behaved than that especially when it comes to a Church Like Setting.
Leah played with my mom for a bit before they left. I got some pictures cause it is a rare ocassion for them to play around. We then went to walmart to find me something for my birthday and I really didn't see anything I cared for so,we just went home. I think I'm going to save my Birthday Money and get a Blockbuster movie rental account FYI its something similar to Net flicks. We didn't go to bed till about 1 am. My husband discovered that we can get Face book on our phones and he joined. So cool so,Just another way to stay in touch i guess. My Internet will probably be cut off soon so maybe when I can I will get on there. Sunday we didn't go to church we just hung around the house. Marty and Leah went to Town and got us lunch at Hardees' and later that night I made a homemade stew which was okay but could had better if I had cooked the stew meat longer. We fooled around watching Funny Baby Videos on YouTube and Leah was trying to do break dancing like one of the kids it was sooo cute!!!
Monday was my 30 Birthday! It was okay but,I got into this depressive mode. It rained most of the day and Started to Snow and the day before It was in the 70's. Who would of thought snow in April!!! I had no way of talking to anyone not even online or my phone so I was really depressed. My husband got me this cute little card that sang and Leah kept trying to get it cause it sang. She loves music and dancing. About 5 pm my niece Beth and her dad came over. What a huge surprise. She brought burgers,chips,cake and ice cream! It was such a surprise and it made my day that she thought of me. Tuesday Beth went with me and Leah to see my husband at his work but we ran late so we didn't see him long :( But I drove around all day it seems like.
Lost was Awesome last night wasn't it!! Such a great episode. I really hope to see Charlie the singer soon. I think if anyone can be brought back from death he could. I loved his character and I think he's a great actor. I wished they'd hurry up and show more reunion type stuff of the Survivors of the originally crash. I want to see more stuff on Sawyer & Kate and Jin & sun. I guess there is just so much that needs to be told this season.

Tonight Grey's Anatomy comes on and I just hope its a new episode. I wished to find out if Katherine Heigl is leaving or what???? I heard since hitting the big time she has became a MAJOR Snob which I hope not because I just love her. I wished there was more to her story line with George :( and its been such a huge disappointment that they finally brought Denny back and the storyline was a bust. I mean I was wanting more than the hallucinations. Its coming to the point where most shows end abruptly Have you watched shows Go past 10 Seasons hmmm not many! or even 6 for that matter not many. I really like little grey and I think her career is just beginning. I think mcsteamy is her mcdreamy. You know we don't all have that one Mcdreamy in our lives. I mean your mcdreamy may not be my mcdreamy? am I not right?

I'm also going to catch Harper's Island. It looks very interesting. I love mysteries anyways and I think its going to be very interesting to watch. check out Harper's Globe for more info.

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