Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Getting Real

Okay I need to get real and stop making excuses why after week after week I don't see the scale move err.....at least moving in the right direction. I have to be real with you I've not worked out since February maybe even later than that. I remember I was eating okay working out while toddler napped but then I got sick and Workouts have been something that should be put in the history book of my life. I've not really worked out much since. I've been so exhausted and tired that some days all I want to do is sleep and I know that alot of it cause by being cooped up into this house and not doing much besides what little housework I can get away with. I'm so exhausted I don't even know where to start. I know I've been depressed too. I'm not taking my thyroid meds and don't have the money to even go to the doctor right now to even get them. I'm really needing to do something. If anyone knows of any Thyroid Remedies please let me know. I've heard Coconut oil helps but I can't even stand the taste. I've been there done that! I know I've been more depressed that I care to even admit and I hate getting that way! Almost to the point of wondering what would others do if I wasn't around and I know thats not healthy! I've gained weight and hear this voice in the back up my head that says whats the use of even trying??? But I know I know I need to stop that sort of thinking and get real with myself and take my life by the handle bars so to speak and get a grip of things. I know I can loose this weigh heck I've done it before. So,for motivation with $$ my husband gave me for my Birthday I bought 30 Day Shred that so many of you bloggers have been talking about and I'm going to give it a Try. I ordered it through Amazon and I found it pretty cheap and I also got my netflicks going again and I seen there are alot of Jillian,Biggest Loser and Bob workouts on there so I'm going to get them and try and get copies of them soon that way I will have a copies of them and have something to workout to everyday. I walked a little today but hopefully I can do more tomorrow. I have to end this but hopefully I will get a chance to workout again tomorrow.

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