Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Food Journal entry for July 8,2008

Food Journal entry for July 8,2008

Daily Target 34

2 organic waffles - 4 points
1 tbsp smart bal. Lgt omega -1 points
1/4 c csry's syrup. -0 points
1 large bananna - 1 points

Lunch: points
Flatt out bread -1 points
Roast beef -1 points
WW Cheese -1 points
2 tomatoe slices - 0 points
Lettuce -0 points
Dt. Dr. Pepper - 0 points
Med. Apple. -1 points

Cantelope -1 points
100 calorie carrot cake -1 points


Dt dr. Pepper -0 points
Lettuce -0 points
Tomatoe -0 points
WW cheese -1 points
Burger -9 points
Bun 2 points
Pickles -0 points
Mayo -1 points
Ketchup -1 points
French fries -6 points

WW turtle sundae 3 points

Total Daily Points Eaten:35

My Thoughts: Oppsies I went over by one point according to my calculations. I had an extra slice of tomatoes this morning so I think I may have added a point so maybe I am okay. But, I do know that I still have some cutting back to do. This is just the beginning. What do all the Skinny minnies who can eat and eat cram their faces full of food yet never gain a pound. Its just not Fair. I feel like I have eaten more today than I have in months so,maybe thats my problem. While I was at work and Mrs. Anderson,the lady I take care was resting I done some squats and various exercises to get moving around. I don't have to be at work till 9 am in the morning so,I thought I would still get up at my regular time and go for a walk. Its should be nice!!
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