Tuesday, July 29, 2008


i love the biggest loser I've watched for the last several years and sometimes I wish bob or Jillian was my trainer :-( It would take some major guts to be on that show. Well,anyways I've been listening to Jillian's Podcasts via my ipod touch and I just love her and have learned alot!!!! Anyways, I listened to one today about how we all seek perfection which is so true. When we are dieting when want to be in that Perfect black dress or perfect size jeans. Once we get to that weight are we truly happy with the outcome? or are we seeking more. Are we wanting that breast lift or tummy tuck are we truly happy that we may have lost an amazing 70 lbs? or do we go further? And when we are over weight do most of you wait to have a life? do you wait to meet that special someone for fear of rejection? or fear of just not being what you think you ought to be. Are you putting your life on hold till you get to perfection I agree with Jillian about getting out and experienceing like now without regrets and without selling yourself short. Here's to life now!!!! Don't wait till your perfect because you never will be. Jillian was saying that Kim Lyons was on the show and someone ask when will I see perfection and she said NEVER Perfection is never. Your goal will never be finalized. Because this is a lifestyle and you have to continually work at it. We will never be perfect but we can make ourselves feel better. Have a better life physcially,mentally and emotionally and I think most of all Spirtually. There is no finish line and we will always have issues we need to work on.

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