Monday, February 16, 2009

C25K restart

So I've decided to do the Couch 2 5K Program once again. If any of you listen to podcasts and would like music along with your Couch 2 5K Program do a search on C@%K Podcasts and I'm sure you will find something. I found a Hip-Hop one that really makes you want to groove and get on movin'. Plus there is a christian one too. I know my speed wasn't very fast today but,at least I am doing this!! The program is only 3 days a week so thats doable in any schedule.

I'm Currently trying to get my Office/Workout Room in Order. My husband has yet to finish a bookcase he promise to make me. Just getting everything in order at the new house and some other things have taken priority. Hopefully by this weekend it will be finished. The Toddler came in here yesterday and destroyed some of my books and papers that was yet to be put away. Ugh! I was trying to get my unemployment filed online. I found out yesterday that there is a way to look out how much you owe if you ever was paid too much benefits in the past. I should be able to get about a months worth of unemployment and my sister told me I could resign up for an additional 4 weeks. Once I do I want to stock up on everything we need for the house so things won't be so hard. So maybe,I will be able to stay home till after that. But,We will have to see how my husbands work is doing after that. If his hours don't pick up I'm afraid I will probably have to go back to work somewhere??? In this economy I have no idea where that will be. The last thing I want to do again is leave my daughter with Marty's Aunt & Uncle. I know how they treat little kids and I'm sorry but,I will do everything I can to prevent them from EVER babysitting my child again.

I guess I will get off here and try and make some lead way in my office/workout room. Its a disaster. Why does moving in take so long?

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