Saturday, February 14, 2009

Working out with Nike+

Here is my run/walk from this morning. I am right at 260 now and hopefully by this next week I will have lost that to be under the 60's. It will be the first time since Giving birth to my 2 year old that I've been that small. So hopefully with the workouts I can accomplish that in the coming weeks. I have to make this quick cause I'm going over to hubbys aunts to wash our laundry. He's already there and has been there for over an hour or more. I wanted to straighten up the house a bit and I snuck in a workout...shhhh don't tell. He'd probably be mad that I took time out to workout instead of coming over there. Oh welll........I tried one of the built in workouts that my treadmill has and its sad to say I couldn't even do that. It had a incline of 6.0 and my speed was 4.0 I done it as long as I could but,I had to lower it cause I couldn't handle it anymore. My treadmill has these built in workouts for weight loss,aerobic,performance and endurance. Plus I can get cards as well. I'm trying to do the weight loss thats built into my treadmill but,so far I can't do it up to its speed but,maybe eventually. I think my run/walk was faster yesterday but,for some reason the nike+ wasn't reading it yesterday??? So it didn't record it. Bummer :-( anyhoo I think it was faster yesterday and I think I got a mile in under 20 mins but,then again I was in control of the incline and speed yesterday. Well G2G Talk to you guys soon. Here is my Data From Todays Workout

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