Monday, February 2, 2009

Getting there

Hey everyone! We are still not completely moved in yet!! Hopefully tomorrow. Our Water line was busted and had to be completely redone today so Hopefully all will be finished tomorrow so we can get to move in. Our Cable & internet is suppose to be installed Wednesday so,hopefully I won't be without service for too long unless something unexpected happens. I had enough money after our taxes to get me a wii fit well,I've not gotten one yet but,hopefully within the next day or so. I'm so excited about it. I'm trying to get a new treadmill too but,we will have to see. I'm trying to get the Customer pick on HSN

Not too much has happened lately besides the moving I've been so busy with the move its been so crazy. I went Grocery Shopping for the House today and food healthy or not is expensive. Its so hard to eat healthy on a budget so if anyone of you read this feel free to give me tips in that area. I asked Roni on any ideas on grocery shopping within a budget. She said she has actually been thinking of it and will try and cover it in a future podcast if she does this will be the 2nd question she has answered of mine. I feel honored.

I wanted to let everyone know of a Major Giveaway going on in the next couple weeks at Wii Fit Mommies and its just not wii stuff thats being given away there are lots of other cool items up for grabs so please join in on all the fun!!

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