Monday, February 23, 2009

A Quickie

I've redone my blog and I hope you like it! If you want to leave me a comment leave me a comment in the little CBox on the Right side of the Blog! Please leave your email or URL so I can respond back. Click on the Shout on the side so you can also see shout outs about stuff too. I will also be posting what I'm currently doing as well in the shouts area.

Been pretty busy today running errands for my husband. I'm also busy with doing the Semi-Annual Cute As a Button Consignment Sale. I'm trying my hardest to get as many things as I can to get the New $50 Credit Voucher they are offering this time. I really need it because I will have no money next week and I really want to buy Leah some new clothes she is growing so much and is close to growing out of everything. I will be making 80% of everything I sell but,Just in case I don't make much money the Voucher will come in handy anyways. I'm hoping to stock up on everything Leah needs for Spring/Summer plus getting rid of some of Leah's stuff as well that is taking up to much room in the storage.
I'm having to get everything cleaned and tagged by next Monday at 5PM I have all sorts of stuff all over my office. I also have a neice that is going to be trying to get the 100 items for the Voucher so she can get her some baby stuff too. She is having a baby and its due Oct 14th a day after Leah's Birthday and she is young the guy doesn't act like he wants to help and the baby will probably be mixed. I'm happy for her and I prayed she wouldn't have an abortion like last time or even give it up. She decided to keep it but,I know she will be okay. I know she won't be the first to go through this. I'm there for her she is my hubbies neice but,she was a friend way before that. She is my girl and Would help her with anything. I'd probably give the shirt off my back for her and I know she'd do the same. She's one of my best friends. I know how hard it is being a parent even with a husband and I know that it will be a rough road but,I really believe she made the right choice. umm.. can you tell I'm PRO LIFE!

I joined HYC-Healthy You Challenge this week. I really don't know much about it really? maybe I will learn as a I go if any of you are checking out my blog from HYC please feel free to give me info. I better go spend time with the family!

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