Monday, February 9, 2009

My Weekend

How was everyone's Weekend? Mine Went Okay I guess. My husband had to work till noon on Saturday. I called my Sister,Crystal while he was at work and asked if she wanted to come on over to my house to hang out and even have dinner that I'd cook her dinner then It turned into inviting my parents and my brother too. My Neice,Christina Text me on my cell and wanted to know if she could spend the night. Then she texted me again an hour later & said she couldn't cause her mother was going clubbing. She has 5 kids and going Clubbing. Sorry but,maybe I'm wrong but,I feel like her place is at home with her kids. My mom made a comment about it and I guess one of my neices went back and told their mom. Anyhoo. Christina wasn't going to be able to because her mom was going to make her stay home and babysit the 2 youngest kids. Umm..something is wrong with that picture. So I told her all of them could stay the night cause there was plenty of room at our new place. But,Leah had a blast since she had someone to play with which is when I hate that she doesn't have a sibling close to her age. I would love to have another child but,At my weight I don't think its too wise. I have too many health issues that I need to resolve by loosing weight. Maybe in a few years. Leah is a handful as it is so right now I guess its best not to even consider it. Later Saturday night my Neice Beth texted me and wanted to know if she could come hang out and maybe play some cards. Our house was packed full of people. It felt good having company to come See us for once. My husband said that was a party sorry to say but,dinner turned into a party that wasn't intended. LOL oh well,it felt good having people to come see us. Beth and her dad stayed till midnight or so. We intended on playing cards but,we ended up playing the Wii instead and we where all yelling each other on. It was fun watching everyone play it.

Sunday my sister,Lori picked up her kids and she stuck around and talked for awhile. She asked leah if she wanted to go with her at the first part of her visit but,she just ignored her. Well,She was about to walk out the door and she ran and got her jacket and put it on??? I was soooooo Shocked!!! She has NEVER wanted to just go with someone like that. She is 2 years old and I'm over-protective cause of things that happened in my own childhood that I would never want to happen to her. She has only spent the night with marty's aunt,Diane and my sister,Lori which is the only person I trust with her. I have a hard time letting her spend the night with anyone else. It just surprised me her wanting to go like that but,I guess she didn't want me neices to go she wanted to spend more time with them. Lori said she had fun and she didn't even have a nap while she was gone with them. Which is what I was afraid of. She went to be at 11 which was sooner than I thought she'd go to sleep last night. They went to see my Nephew,Dewayne and the road they where on was curvy and hilly and the kids acted like she was on a roller coaster. My neice,Natasha took pictures of them. I will post a picture of it. We later went to mom and dads cause he was giving us some wood he had at his house since we are burning wood 75% of the time to cut down on the gas bill. I haven't gotten my treadmill Yet!! Hopefully soon. I can't wait. I expect I will get it by the end of the week but,its not scheduled to arrive till the 17th. I really can't wait. I'm so antious about getting it. I feel so tired and drugged down and I think alot of its cause I'm not doing anything much during the day besides cleaning the house and chasing after leah. I think there comes a point where it just makes you tired when you don't do anything much all day.

I took some over the counter medicine last night before going to sleep. My ears nor my throat is hurting. I plan on taking it again tonight and maybe it will completely knock this thing in the head.

I forgot to mention my Neice brought me a copy of "The Shack" I hear that its a good book. Beth told me its the first book in a long time she has read and she actually was able to get into it. I've heard alot of ppl talk about it.

I'm gonna find a notebook and start posting everything I eat in it during the day. I thought I would try and post a copy of it everyday. I just haven't been journaling what I eat and I really need to if I want to suceed at this. And somedays its hard to get online with my toddler running around and causing I better go get supper started. I'm also going to post a picture of Leah about a month ago we where on Marty's Aunts Porch and Leah was playing with an umbrella

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