Thursday, February 19, 2009

Leah's Check-Up,Sickness & My workouts

I took Leah for a check-up yesterday. There seemed to be alot of other
children getting CheckUps too and was expecting a long wait. But
Luckily we where able to get in with about a 30 minute wait in the
waiting room. She weighed & got leah's height. She weighed 29.4 lbs.
and she 3ft 3/4 in tall. Her weight was in the 25-50 percentile for
her age bracket and she was in the 75-85 percentile for her height. So
she's pretty tall for her age which I suspected she has taken after
her daddy in that area. Hubby is 6 ft. 10 in tall. They asked how she
was eating which wasn't good when we lived DH's Family. But since
moving and now I cook what we want her eating has gotten better. But,
they really didn't like her eating whole grapes because the risk of
choking but what's the harm if we show her how to eat them safely?

omg you should check this site its a handbag that you can
change the outside shell to your own liking. I love carrying different
bags and I often get bored with a perfectly good handbag so this looks
like something that's right up my alley.

Last Wednesday I got a visitor thats not been around since November.
Yep,auntie Flo came for a visit. No, I'm not pregnant or anything. Not
sure whats going on with my body? I really need to have a check-up
myself. i've been cramping so bad its given me extremely bad
headaches,backaches,nausea to the point of wanting to throw up. I've
never cramped this bad ever since having a period. It seems like they
got worse after having a baby. Like I said I really need a checkup!!!

I've not workout since Monday had done day 1 of Week one of the C25K
but didn't have my Nike+ So, thought I would get a second workout so,
I could get some mileage in on the Nike+ but at around minute 11:00
DH's Nano just froze it wouldn't do anything I was mad cause I was
really motivated. Tuesday I didn't workout cause I got so sick that I
just had to break down & let some family babysit Leah & just get some
rest. I fell asleep around 4pm and didn't wake up till 10 mins till 8
pm when hubby called to say he was on his way home with dinner isn't
that so sweet!!! We stayed up till around 10 am I took more meds &
went back to bed. I felt much Better Wednesday but wanted to take the
day to fully recover. Today I've been at DH's Aunts house washing
Laundry which I hate. While living with them we gave them our washer
AND Dryer and lets not forget our stove too. We didn't give we let
them use as long as we lived there but now DH doesn't want to look bad
for getting the Washer & Dryer DH just wants to get new ones. So until
we have $$ for that we are coming over here to use them.I hate coming
over here especially by myself cause I'm beyond done with them. I've
been here since around 9 am & I'm still here and its almost 2:30 PM I
hate doing laundry especially when you have to do it somewhere else
besides your home.

I couldn't resist the scale so I weighed myself yesterday morning
259.0 so, yeah I've lost even more weight. Yah me so I guess my
walking/running is paying off. DH asked how the workouts where going I
told him I hadn't worked out in 2 days due to the fact of me being
sick. I told him i weighed and the scale is down. He told me he could
tell I've lost more weight. We where getting ready for bed and he put
his arounds around me and snuggled up close and said by the looks
where your loising it is your chest,lower stomache & your hips.I said
good thats where I need to loose it the most. It felt so good for my
husband to actually take notice what I've accomplished because lets be
honest most men don't take much notice in things. Well I'm going to go
I have 2 more loads of laundry to dry then I'm finished. Tonight
Grey's comes on I'm excited to see what happens with Izzie. I hope she
doesn't leave the show I love her. I would like to see her character
evolve more I think izzie deserves to be happy. She can be bitchy but,
she has been through more than they've told of her life. We'll see.
later peeps.
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