Thursday, February 26, 2009

No Rest for The Wicked

Some call me wicked not sure if I need to believe that or not :p I decided to change my blog back to its orginal format. I had a few ppl trying to comment on blogs and didn't know how. I guess having a Cute Blog can be confusing. So wanted to have it where anyone could comment.

Yesterday I took a nap with the toddler and hubby got the toddler to sleep and I played on the computer for an hour so around 11pm i went to bed! I was in the middle of getting the 3 Column Layout to working not sure if it was just on my mind and bugging me that I couldn't figure it out or what but,I couldn't sleep. So today i plan on NOT Napping with the Toddler. I really Need To Workout and Get my Workout in. I've not worked out in over a week. I'm loosing,yes but,I want to continue working in the right direction.

I was about to give toddler a bath and Her little shampooing cup fell on my toe. Hurt like the dickens!! Its still sore.

I started a challenge well not started it doesn't Start Till March 1st--this weekend! But a Fellow HYC is doing it. Its something different everyday and I want to try and follow 5 of 7 days will try for 6 but,sometimes I'm not on target with that. I don't like working out on Sundays I really feel thats family time.

I will be so glad when the Cute As a Button Sale is Over so I can try and get everything organized here in my little home office. I hate things being in a mess. I still have books all over the place. I'm suppose to be getting a book shelf designed and painted by my husband for Our Anniversary but,he's still not finished it. I've been staying on him to try and get it finished by this weekend. I told him My office will be the way I want it by Sunday. Aren't I demanding? lol:-)

Not much going on in my world today. Planning on Watching Some Ally McBeal Online cause I am in this mood to watch older shows lately. I thought I would workout while toddler is napping,maybe clean some house and maybe continue to try and get some of these clothes tagged and ready to put in the sale

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