Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Don't try this at work

Don't try this at work

Like I've said in previous post the lady I take care of gave me a treadmill. Yah me!! I'm glad I didn't have to buy one. I don't get paid again till Friday so, we are running low on gas $$. So, I was really wanting to start using my treadmill. So what did me being impatient do?? I loaded it up myself in the back of my jeep. Grrr... I am woman hear me roar. Boy, that thing is HEAVY!!
First of all ladies & gents don't go lifting your treadmill at home thinking it's a great workout. If your not careful you could hurt your back or some other body part you never knew existed.

Just tried my treadmill out & I love it!! My little girl even took a walk. I even took a little jog.

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