Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ipod Nanos sale

Well,I'm so wanting to start tracking my walking/running using an ipod nano and the nike+ well,I went onto the apple website and found a ipod nano for $99! Depending on how much my check is this week I might buy one. Now it may take another 2 weeks to get the nike+ software and senor that I need. I'm still debating on getting some nike+ shoes. I do need some new shoes And I currently have nikes but they are NOT Nike+. I know right now i'm only walking but,I could track that regardless. Wheather its walking or running. I am wanting to start running not sure when I will start. But, with me the only one working I have to do one thing at a time. So this week its the ipod nano. Still looking around the internet to try and find one cheaper. I would even take the ipod nano 1st generation and i like those better anyways.

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