Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Long Weekend Plans

Well,I'm off work today. yipee!!! Hubby and I watched the movie "21" last night and it was a pretty good movie. I really liked it. My little girl kept wanting to play so,we didn't get too into it at first but,overall i think it was a great movie. Its about a College Student who wants to Go to Medical School and really doesn't have the money but,he is really good with numbers. His professor gets him into the "club" of numbers. So, he is the best at it and He gets greedy and wants it all. His teacher is getting a cut of the money and wants to go out on his own but,gets caught anyways I won't tell but,he really shows the teacher a thing or two. Its a good movie.

Today marty,my husband is helping at his brothers house to do some yard work over there for some cash. My husband has made close to $400 of work just for cleaning up at his brothers. Today,I'm doing Laundry and hanging out with my little girl. I'm planning on going to see my parents but,they have a church fuction they have to be at by 3pm so not sure if i will get to make it up there or not? My neice,christina is coming over after 12pm. she was helping with a birthday party and then she is coming over. She is going to go to the White County Fair with us tonight. The Fair Costs $5.00 to get in tonight. They are having the Tractor Pull & Drag Racing @ 7pm that My husband want to see. So,we are mainly going for that. I thought we'd walk around the midway a few times maybe chat with people we know. Thought I would take my camera and take some pictures of leah's First time at the fair.
No plans for tomorrow other than sleeping in. Probably be a late night at the fair so,I know we will all probably sleep in. I have to work monday which is a drag. But,I'm probably only going to work half a day. I think we are planning on cooking out for our supper that night.

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