Monday, August 4, 2008

Free Treadmill

Free Treadmill

The lady I take care of has all kinds of stuff that she never uses. I went out in her garage the other day to get something for her. I noticed she had a treadmill. It looks like it hasn't been used very much. So this morning she asked if I still wanted that treadmill. I was like yeah!!! She said I could have it if I didn't charge her for taking her trash off. Yeah!!!! So I don't have to buy one now. I was planning on buying one to start doing my Nike+ walking/running workouts. Now I don't have to. I still need to buy a few things before I can start using Nike+.

•New Nike+ Shoes
•Ipod Nano
•Nike+ Starter Kit

I can't buy all these when I get paid but maybe I could buy the iPod Nano now and then get the Nike+ Software when I get paid again.

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