Friday, August 29, 2008

Wake-Up Sleepy Girl

This is My Daughter last July. We went to Morristown,TN to get my step-daughters things at her mothers. My step-daughter,Andrea was moving in with us. Although it was short lived. Anyways she got mad at her dad and moved back in with her mother. Drama I tell ya nothing but,Drama! God,Help her! Love her but,get soo sick of all the drama. Anyways,Leah just woke up from a short-lived nap. We hadn't even gotten out of our Hometown of Sparta,TN when she woke up and it was a long 3 hour drive. Looking back now she had no hair. She was bald! To think I actually thought she actually had some hair then. Her hair has really taken off growing. My only wish is to put it up in a bow by her B-Day which is about a month away. I need to start making prepartions for the Party! Any ideas?

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