Tuesday, September 16, 2008

You need to workout especially the times you don't want to

I woke up with my upper back killing me. Not sure why really. I've not been to Beths to workout in almost a week. I've had alot of stuff going on. She has my FIRM DVDs and my set if weights and I need to go get them just in case she decides to move back to Clevland,Tn. I've been working out with her and it's always late before we finish. I get to her house and always have to wait on her to finish a tv show or something else. Being a mother I have a ton of things to do my days are quite chaotic not to mention I work till 4 or 5 at nite. I like to get mine & Leah's baths by the time my husband gets home. I'm thinking of doing my workouts on my own.

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