Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tv & Movies that I've Currently Watched

Dr. Quinn Season 4 Vol 8
Gilmore Girls Season 2
Felicity Season 3
Ally McBeal Season 1
Gossip Girl Season 2
Drop Dead Diva Season 1

Watched 17 again with Zack Efron, in which I thought was a really fun movie. I needed a good laugh!!!I watched it with my daughter and niece gina who was here yesterday too sick to go to school. tryin to think of other movies I've watched recently. I watched Dance Flick about a week ago which was all too similar to Save The Last Dance, which is one of my favorite movies, but I didn't like this movie cause I just thought it was retarded!!!! We also watched Bring it On: Fight to the Finish that even my husband enjoyed and of course my little girl was dancing to the music and the dances they did in the movie. I really need to get my little girl in Dance classes soon, she loves dances around I really think she'd enjoy it!

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