Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Taking my workouts outside

We got some rain and wind off the hurricane. So, it's been pretty cool in the mornings for the last few days. The evens have been pretty nice with the sun out it's not been too cold or hot either. I had to go to town yesterday so beth & I went by the park and walked about a mile. The track at the park has a few inclines and what I like about this park it tells you how many laps equals a mile and how much of an incline it is. I think the biggest inclune was 17% of an incline. My calf muscles are really sore today. I got my weights and DVDs back from her so I think I'm gonna do them of the evenings after work. I'm gonna aim for 3 days of week. I'm also going to try getting up earlier and go walking about 3 days a week.

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