Monday, September 15, 2008

My first Blog Giveaway

First of all sorry about the Delay in getting this up. My little Girl Leah hasn't really been feeling well for the last few days and she was up this morning before 3 AM and didn't go back to sleep till after 6 and I had to rock her then and she'd wake up every time I left her side. I had once thought of calling into work but,decided against it. So,its been one long day. I fought taking a nap all day. I got home and Leah was over at the Next Door Neighbors with Diane and she ran to the truck And I let her in and I drive up the driveway with her in the truck. Well,She ran around the house and we played on the swing set for awhile. I guess we played for 30 mins then we came into the house and she threw a huge fit cause we came back in. I cleaned my bedroom up and done a load of Laundry and gave Leah a Bath. So,thats my busy day! It's been hectic to say the least. I work in Home Health and My Patients RESP hours rollover 2 weeks from tomorrow so my hours are gonna be cut back but,I truly don't mind since the hubby went back to work this past week. So please understand I work till 5 right now and with a little one my days seem pretty much shot once I get home. I used an Online Random Number Generator and I chose 5 Numbers There was 8 enteries between both of my blogs Boo Bear's Place and Boo's Place I think thats pretty good considering that I'm fairly new to the blogging world. I gave everyone a number based on the comments. So,if you commented 1st you where number 1.But,if anyone is interested in letting other people here have a chance to read the book just let me know and maybe we can do some book swapping because I know I would love to read the book. The Winners Are:

1,2,3,5&8 I thought I would post their blogs (if they have one available) for everyone to view





MartyR who currently has no blog....yet! Maybe soon

Congrats to all of you that one and I will be contacting the lady who is in Charge of sending out the books. Please email me at with your email and mailing address info and I will see that you get your book soon.

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