Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sprained my ankle....again

I was leaving work yesterday and I was putting some trash in the back of the jeep that needed to be taken off I came around the jeep to get ready to leave when my foot fell in a small hole and it caused me to turn my ankle over and fall. I've repeatedly fell for the last 5-6 years and every time I mess the same ankle up. It irritates me cause I was going to try and get serious about my walking again. It's gonna take at least a week or two before it's any better. I was debating on even coming into work at all today but I figured I would probably have noone else to fill in for me. So I'm bearing with the pain. I might ice while I'm not doing anything here at work. I soaked in warm water last night and added some Epsom salt. It helped for awhile but it's just gonna take awhile to heal. Luckily the lady I care for well, her step-daughter is coming in to take care of her for the weekend. So I'll have the weekend off!!! Yah!! So maybe I can get some rest and it'll heal up.

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