Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fall is Here!

I think this little picture is so adorable! I love Autumn/Fall I know ppl call it differently but,I just love this time of the year here in Tennessee. The weather is getting much bearable. Its cool enough for a jacket in the mornings and even a light jacket when it starts getting dark. The sun shines during the day but,not enough to be a sortcher. I love it. I love how the trees change colors like they've been cast a spell upon them and their colors magically change colors. My hours at work changed today and really I'm relieved. Working all these hours lately has almost gotten the best of me. So now My hours at work are from 8am-2pm which is 6 hours 5 days a week. Thinking of having the office have someone come in and work the 4 hour shift on Saturdays but,I'm still undecided about it. This evening I go the Chance to watch Wind at My Back Today after I got off work I came in the House and I had 2 DVDs from Netflick. I get so Excited when I receive DVDs from them. I watch alot of old shows I never watched before and alot of old shows that I love!! I finished Wind at my back Vol.1 Disk 1 and went to the post office before the mail truck came so Netflicks should be sending me a new DVD Tomorrow! I get stuff I want to watch Chick flicks,tv shows I wanna see or even Workout Videos I wanna try. Today I tried Bob Harper's Biggest Loser Workout DVD it has 2 ways you can workout a 6 week workout with 4 different workouts you do 2 workouts one day and change up to the other 2 thats left the next day. I done 2 of the workouts today and I love it! I wished I had a way to record dvds or something. Bob does alot of boxing moves and I loved that because I need to work on my core muscles badly and I think boxing moves helps in that area. I really love this DVD and would defiantely do it again. The mail Truck doesn't leave till 4pm from my local Post Office and since I get off at 2 I thought I would do the DVD again tomorrow before I sent it back to Netflicks. I've been wanting to find a Diet thats more Stricker than Weight Watchers because I feel that its too leaniate and I need something thats gonna keep me on goal and focused. I'm not sure if there is a Biggest Loser Diet but,planning on trying to find something along those lines. I've seen the show and I've seen some of the stuff they have cooked in the past and it looks pretty healthy! I went to a website to do The Biggest Loser and it Cost around $20.00 a month and you get a full diet plan customized for you and it comes with 3 different books on The Biggest Loser. I think one is a fitness Book,a recipe book and the other probably goes through things on the show. Its called The Biggest Loser Club if anyone is interested. I've not been motivated to do anything lately and I'm not sure why. Our insurance ran out and hubby finally went back to work due to his accident and we are suppose to be getting insurance but have no clue when? I haven't taken my Thyroid Medication in about 2 months now and I can really see the effects of it. I'm always tired,my muscles ache. I just feel awful. I am just hoping my insurance will pay for the blood work.

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