Monday, October 27, 2008

Eating Organic

So as most of you know I've been trying to get back in shape. I'm approaching my 30th birthday in April and I'm not getting any Younger! In my early 20s I would just not eat but,I really think thats unsafe as well as unhealthy. I believe that is why my thyroid and metabolism is the way it is now because of those eating habits. Since July I've lost 14lbs isn't that awesome? I would like that number to be higher but,I'm trying to learn to live a healthy life when I was younger healthy wasn't in my vocabulary I just wanted a smaller pants size but,I guess as you get older you want to be healthier. My husband and myself are wanting more children but,I want to be healthier than I was before my last pregnancy and even what I am now. I had some issues during my pregnancy with leah and I am thankful she's here with me. I so don't want to go through that again. Having an Emergency C-Section as well,as a Staff Infection took its toll on me and I vowed I'd never do that again! I want more kids but,so not going through all that at least I hope so. I want to be healthier before I get pregnant. So,I've been listening to Jillian Michaels again!! I so Love her! How could you go wrong not listening to her podcasts it's very informative. She talks about eating organic and how much more healthy it is for you. I was listening to an older podcast of hers the other day and she was talking about alot of the chemicals that are being used in our foods. Now would you give rat poisoning to your children or even those that are dear to you??? I don't think so! I don't think people realize the chemicals that they are putting in our foods. She was talking about a chemical that was put on our foods that has a Cardigen Level 1 do you realize how dangerous that is? People wonder why they are getting cancer or other diseases its just no wonder. Eating healthier can save you on healthcare. How you might ask? Do you ever see healthy people going to the doctor very much? eating healthy and exercising boosts your immune system. So think about what your eating I know organic is much more expensive but,why not grow a Garden and grow some Fruits & Veggies you love. You can also check out Farmers Markets and I believe their fruits & veggies are cheaper most of the time than going to the Grocery Store. Alot of the these chemically processed foods are putting toxins into our bodies and making us fat! Organic Foods help our bodies rid of toxins.It is linked to ADHD,Cognitive Decline,Alzheimeiers and many other disesases.

Here are a few sites you can check out to read more about eating Organic

And another site to look up Farmers' Markets in your Area. There are several in the MiddleTennessee Area for those of you that live close to me.

Being since Jillian Michaels inspired this post here is a link to her sites
Jillian Michaels
Jillian's Podcast at KFI

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