Monday, October 20, 2008

getting outta the funk!

Lately I've been really depressed. My Hubby & I haven't been getting along that great lately. So I've been depressed about that. It's gotten me to where I've became distant and withdrawn from him. My husband has been hiding something from me nothing major just something trivial really but he knew it would make me mad. And he's had people lying for him and covering for him. Just be honest that's all I ask. I've been spending lots of time online I guess cause marty seems preoccupied and in the end result I've been bored. So I've vowed to Not get on the Computer while he's home and even the iPod Touch. If he will work on his issues. There has been times I could of been working out instead I was on the computer doing nothing really!!! I've been listening to Jillian Michaels Podcast lately and she says to loose and see results you should workout 4 hours a week. That's doable now if I'll actually do it that's another question.

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