Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Sunday!

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I hope all of you are having a Great Weekend! Its Sunday and Have yet to hold up to my New Year Resolution and Start going to Church Every Sunday. I Really feel bad about it and I know I need to go but,living with my husbands family my life seems so out of balance so,hopefully once we get moved things will be more in order.

Leah is sick yet again! She has this old crud AKA a Bad head cold. Every since she was little every time she gets sick her left eye waters like crazy and has thick icky green goo.. But,she has some antibiotics that she's on so maybe this will help that. So,now I've got it. Yesterday was my Moms Birthday. Happy Birthday mom! Dad was buying some cake and ice cream and was going to go but,I hated to get leah back out in this weather and get her even more sick. Plus after packing and putting things in the new house I just felt awful. We haven't got the utilities turned on yet and its so cold here and I was freezing' to death! It took most of the night to warm back up. How in the world does Homeless ppl survive in weather like this?

I tried doing my Unemployment over the phone this morning and the TIPS Line was BUSY! ugh so figures so thought I'd try it online and I put my info in and it said my account was frozen or something????? So now I'm going to have to go to the office in the morning which I'm thinking they'll be closed? I think tomorrow is MLK Day. I will have to look at the calendar. So I probably won't even get a check this week. So aggravating. Hopefully soon I can get this straightened out and get my checks coming in soon.

I wanted to blog about a Giveaway over at An Ordinary Life that ends Jan. 28th They are giving away a Guitar Hero which is my Husbands Favorite Video game and he doesn't even own it. He borrowed it when it came out on The PlayStation and he just loves this game. So who knows maybe I'll win and I can give it to him for an Anniversary Gift. Our Anniversary is a little over a month away. February 20Th.

I weighed in today at 264 even. My weigh ins this past week was off! I didn't weigh in last Sunday which is when I usually weigh myself so,I went ahead and weighed in on Wednesday. I'm really really wanting a treadmill so I can get my walking in and not worry about having to go out. Would make it so much easier. I'm a Stay @ Home mom and its too cold to have Leah out right now and Hubby gets up at 4:30am to get ready for work and he usually doesn't get home till around 7pm. So,Don't really have the option to have him watch her while I workout. So,maybe soon. we will get a Treadmill and I can just workout at home. So,maybe in a few weeks I will have one. I'm also aiming to get a Wii Fit. Maybe I can do these 2 activities and not have to leave the comfort of my own home. I thought I could do these while Leah is napping or at night after she goes to bed.

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