Sunday, January 11, 2009

We Got The House!!!!

I'm so excited!!! {Dances around while singing} We got the House! We got the House! Can you tell I'm excited? Word cannot tell you how excited I am about getting out of my Husbands Aunt & Uncles house. I've been grateful that they let us stay here don't get me wrong but, I hate it here. They've really shown their true colors. Its really hard to live with another family. During my husbands Accident and his recovery I know we couldn't of lived on our own with my paycheck alone. My husband had to have 24 hrs/day care when he came home from the Hospitial and I needed to work and the Insurance sure wasn't gonna pay for nurses to come in. So that's the only thing I knew to do. Do you ever Watch Desperate Housewives? I watched the last weeks episode over the computer the other day and I really related to the Gaby & Carlos Characters. Her husband was blind and she pretty much had to do all the providing for the family. Its been hard and we've done without alot but,we've survived and made it through. Hopfully things will just get better. Just so excited to have our own place again and not worry how your dress. I can stay in my PJs all day if I want or cook what we want without SOMEONE having a cow cause you don't eat what they cook. There really is No Place Like Home and this defiantely isn't my home.

My husband got hurt at work the other day and sprained his hand or something? He was out of work for 2 days because of it being so swollen. He has been about to drive me nuts during the I can't seem to get anything done when he is around.

My knee is getting much better. For those of you don't know I fell off this huge 2-3 ft step thats in my hubbys aunts hallway. I was coming into my bedroom and as I walked down this step my knee gave out and went flying off the step. Its finally getting better. Still a little sore but,I think its okay. I am doing BLBE Challenge and I hear that if you don't get those numbers down they really get on ya so,I guess I should start doing some sort of workout this next week. I have a few of the firm videos. If anyone knows of any sites where you can play workout videos let me know. Cause I don't have the money right now to buy any? If anyone reading this see's that my numbers aren't going down please feel to give me a talking to. That's something I need for someone to lecture me and let me know that I won't see results if I don't do something about it. I know I can do better with my eating once we get moved and won't have to worry about ppl eating up all our food or worry that they would be offended cause I cooked my own food.

Can anyone give me any ideas on workouts to do in the Home??? I have a Toddler so its hard to go to the gym which right now I can't really afford. so things around the home... Going to Start doing the Two Hundred Sit-Up Challenge this week. I'm thinking of having my hubby buy me a Treadmill when we get our taxes. I could always go for a walk/run while the toddler is napping. I saw one on HSN that I really like. It had an ipod dock on it so that would come in handy. I'm planning on buying me the 2nd Gen iPod Touch. I already have the 1st Gen but want the new one with the new speakers so you don't even need headphones and the nike+ feature. This new place we are getting has this room that I'm making into my office/workout room. Its my room to do whatever I want and I can't wait! Thought of Putting a love seat or something for times when I want to just sit around and read.

Well I'm going to go we are gonna go to the new place for awhile. I'm gonna try working out everyday this week and doing the sit up challenge at least 3 days a week. If you want the info just message me.

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