Saturday, January 24, 2009

Radom Facts Tag

Melissa From My Little World Tagged me so Thought I would Finally get around to Posting this. Sorry Its taken me awhile I have a few others I need to do its just been crazy the last few weeks. We are moving and we are trying to get everything packed and situated so we can get moved in the next week. Have I told you how excited I am!

I'm Suppose to list 7 Random things about myself and its gonna be hard. So this post will take a bit to post. I know some of you may not know much about me so Maybe I can Post something soon so you can get to know me better but here is some randomness for ya!

1. Boo Bear is a nickname given to me by a Sister of mine when I was little and mostly just my family knows it and I thought one day if I came up with a blog I'd want something catchy but,personal so I thought hey why not Boo's Place aka Boo Bear's Place.

2. I lived in NYC for 2 years and I LUUUUUVVVVEEEEDDDDDD It! I miss it alot but,not sure how well my little one would do and I married a Country Boy and I really don't think he could be away from his roots lol... I'm a City Girl but,My family is all in this area so after much pleading from my mother I moved Back.

3. I ♥ Strawberry Shortcake! No No! Not the cake the Cartoon Character. She's been my fave since I was little. American Greetings the Card Company came out with Strawberry Shortcake in 1979 and they where originally on Greeting Cards before they turned into a Cartoon. I collect everything SS. I have some of the older ones and they look completely different than the ones they have out now.

4. I come from a Yours,Mine & Ours Family--FYI I'm an Ours. My parents where married before and their previous spouses died and they met and got married. They both had children of their own and then had 2 more girls together Me and my sister Crystal. All together there are 16 of us kids. I really only talk to a few of them. Its hard to Get family together in one place.

5. I love to read just about everything I can get my hands on. I love Danielle Steel,Debbie Macomber,Nicholas Sparks,Patricia Cornwell to start off with.

6. I'm fascinated with anything Marine life. Anything from the Ocean to Killer Whales to Lighthouses. I've got everything in my bathroom in lighthouses and I do mean

7. I get bored really easy. I think I might have ADD or I read alot but,I will be watching a movie and read. Like I get bored so I will read then I get bored of that and play with my iPod Touch. We play cards and my brother in laws alot and I will read while playing cards it makes bro in law SO Mad! LOL :-)

Here are the 7 Peeps I've tagged

Jen From Just Jen she's on my Biggest Loser Blog Edition Team and she amazes me how well she's done!

Automatic Eater who is also on my BLBE Team! Woo Go team Lynn.

Good Girls Inc. Who has one Sexy blog and another team Lynn do I see a chain here?

All About Cakes who has a blog about baking and Its a cute site although Lord knows I don't need any fattening foods! But nonetheless a great site.

Brandy Ellen from Writings from a WAHM who graciously Helped me with my blog awhile back. I was using Wordpress and I hated it but,I wanted pages or menus or whatever you call them. And she took time out to help me out.

Roni from Roni's Weigh who I'm sure is quite busy but I love love love her site! She doesn't know how much of a life saver she is to me.

Amy from Surfing or Spagetti who I've been reading her blog for a few months now.

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